Urgent Refund Please

Hi, I'm hoping someone from Fanatic looks at the forum.

I ordered a set of inverted clubsport V3 pedals three weeks ago when the website said they were in stock. I now see from the forum that I should not have believed that they were actually in stock. It seems that there are very few items actually in stock at Fanatec now. I have tried calling the office in Germany 20 times but no one answers the phone and I've had no reply to emails sent 10 days ago.

Can someone at Fanatic contact me re a refund as I don't want to wait for the next delivery in September.



  • Open your order in the website and cancel from there.

    I think if it doesn't show a cancellation button it means that it is being processed in the warehouse and pending delivery.

  • Alexandros is correct, cancellations can be done on the website, in the Orders section of your Fanatec account. Once you cancel an order, the refund is processed next working day. It can take a few more days for the amount to appear in your bank/PayPal account.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Chaque jour, je fais moins confiance à cette entreprise, si cela dépend de mon argent, ils ferment et je poste toujours sur les réseaux sociaux le manque de respect qu'ils traitent envers leurs clients.

    De plus, certaines personnes prennent des commandes devant d'autres qui attendent depuis plus de 2 mois pour la livraison.

  • You have to make BBB complaints, call over and over again . Demand supervisors.. don't take crap from their low level reps. They are TRAINED TO TELL YOU NO. Do not accept call backs, hold for escalation. Do not get off the phone until you have tracking.

    You have to make disputes on payment methods. You have to MAKE this company care. Otherwise as long as theg have your money they couldn't care if we lived or died.

    I have been lied to soooooo many times it's ridiculous. This Arnoud guy acted like he cared then just started ignoring me.

    Just cancel and order some high quality pedals. I got the v3s and they feel like cheap junk for the price. Looking at buying the high end ones all the pros are using . Notice nobody is using Fanatec pedals.

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