Canadian Timeline - 30 days for package #1

My timeline for "Ready to ship" CSL ELITE F1® SET - OFFICIALLY LICENSED FOR PS4™ to ship to Canada by USPS which is the only option for Canada.

Date order placed: May 29

May 30 - The order has been processed on Fanatec site

June 1 - USPS shipping labels created and email from Claudia Sysak @ Suddath Global Logistics with tracking numbers (3). This bundle is shipped as 3 individual components.

June 3 - Processed at USPS facility in LA .

June 25 - As I mentioned in other posts the packages sat in LA for about 3 weeks, and then 1 of them left LA on the 23rd and arrived in Toronto. Processed thru customs with no duty being applied.

June 29 - I received the first package today, the F1 wheel, so I can watch youtube videos pretending to drive now.

I am still waiting on the base and pedals which have not had any updates on the USPS site since June 3rd. They seem to be stuck in LA. USPS really have no options to get any further info which is frustrating.

But it seems once they land in Canada you can expect delivery in about 5 days. I am in Hamilton.

Anybody else have USPS packages stuck in LA?


  • bought the Csl v1.1 and the csl pedal on June 3 as you all item got there own shipping tracking. Receive the base last week and pedal today all left at the same time. Sadly I don’t have a wheel have to wait for the v2 in July :(

  • Once my packages got to LA on the 25th they got to Vancouver today! Hoping they get here soon

  • Hopefully you're luckier than I am. 1 out of my 3 packages arrived. From the 2 remaining, 1 made it to Montreal, and was out for delivery last Friday. Without even attempting to deliver the package they left me a delivery notice. Show up at the post office today and they say they it hasn't arrived there yet. Called CP they don't know where the package is.

    As for the 3rd and final package, it's still sitting in Mississauga with the last update of it being processed on June 17th.

    In the meantime, I ordered a cockpit from rseat, which arrived from Bulgaria in 5 days.

    Got an email that my F1 2020 steering wheel was being processed at the warehouse last Thursday, no tracking number yet. Hoping it doesn't get stuck in LA.

  • Well most of the time is the parcel being stuck in LA or anywhere in the state if not it get quickly from custom.

  • There are some challenges with tracking numbers taking longer to sync with the shipping partners as a result of adjustments made due to the pandemic.

    It is possible some items arrive with no duties depending on the classification, value and product type.


  • You have to make BBB complaints, call over and over again . Demand supervisors.. don't take crap from their low level reps. They are TRAINED TO TELL YOU NO. Do not accept call backs, hold for escalation. Do not get off the phone until you have tracking.

    You have to make disputes on payment methods. You have to MAKE this company care. Otherwise as long as theg have your money they couldn't care if we lived or died.

    I have been lied to soooooo many times it's ridiculous. This Arnoud guy acted like he cared then just started ignoring me.

    Save yourself the headache and just get your money back. Go to one of their competitors.

    Stay tuned, I'm working with one of their competitors now in regards to this whole thing, got some stuff coming soon that may have people saying Fanatec who? :) Won't advertise it here but, trust me return the Fanatec crap..

    It's just expensive toys anyways.. not 500 dollars + worth

  • Ryan,

    Please stop spamming the threads with the same posts. I get your frustration but there is no need to post multiple times.


  • Don't try to censor us now I'm sharing the bad experience. Are you threatening me now too?

    Funny how you'll stop ignoring someone long enough to threaten.

  • While you're at it.. wanna find out where my dd2 is? Where my shifter I've been lied to and waiting months for is at??

    Wanna get me shipping info?

  • edited June 30

    Sad too how you seem to think customer complaints are spam. Curious if asking for shopping information for paid for products is spam to you?

    Thanks for the screenshots though.

  • Not censoring at all. You can get your message across without the need for posting in every thread.


  • If there is a thread about a similar topic, I'm going to post to it. Can you not harass me please?

  • I’m in the exact same boat 3 packages ordered. Podium paddles, v3 pedals and a DD2. DD2 arrived at distribution June 3rd and has been stuck there since. Paddles reached there June 2nd but was moved on the 23rd and arrived the 29th. Pedals shipped June 18th and have been in Mississauga since the 25th

  • We need to charter a plane for USPS to get the packages out of the back corner of the distribution centre.

  • i was hoping i was going to be lucky when all 3 of my pakages got to Vancouver last week... none of them have gotten thru customs yet

  • I'm in Toronto and still haven't received any updates since the order was processed a month ago. I ordered the CSL Elite pedals and PS4 base. I ended up buying a second hand wheel itself due to stock issues on Fanatec's side.

    Date order placed: May 28

    May 28 - The order has been processed on Fanatec site

    May 29 - USPS shipping labels created

    June 3 - Processed at USPS facility in LA , in transit to destination

    I don't think this is Fanatec's issue at this point, they'd actually processed everything just fine. It would be nice to have other shipping options for Canada, I would've chosen to pay more for expedited shipping without a second thought.

  • It is interesting all our packages were processed at USPS facility in LA June 3 and then nothing since then.

    I have seen other Canadians that had orders processed after June 3rd and have already received the shipment .

    My first package only took 5 days after it arrived in Canada at customs, so this seems to be a USPS issue.

  • I have 3 items first tracking date as May 28 - I have yet to receive any of them Yet. Also in Ontario, Canada.

    One package has left LA and is now sitting in canadian customs, the other 2 are still sitting at the USPS facility in LA as far as I can tell. Not Fanatec's fault, but still a fitting turn of events to an interesting purchasing experience lol.

    Extra frustrating is USPS has no alert about this sort of delay anywhere on their website.

  • Order update,

    Date order placed: May 28

    May 28 - The order has been processed on Fanatec site

    May 29 - USPS shipping labels created 

    June 3 - Processed at USPS facility in LA , in transit to destination

    July 7 - Item arrived at an origin transfer airport in INTERNATIONAL, LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, in transit to destination

  • good to hear packages are moving .

    My first package left LA airport same day it arrived , so you should see more updates now as it makes its way towards customs.

    It took about 7 days from that update and 5 days after arrival scan in Toronto to be delivered to my house.

    Are both of you packages moving together?

  • I only got notified on one package, but its now in flight, which is good

  • All 3 of my packages took exactly 5 days to travel from LA to Toronto making 1 stop in Detroit. Everything I ordered has arrived except for my steering wheel. I ordered the F1 2020 LE, shipping label was created July 1st and as far as the tracking goes it has not been pick up yet. Hopefully we get our orders soon so we can start racing!

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