Good luck Canada....

Just talked to customs Canada. My packages are going though Vancouver. They have been sitting there for 9 days already and was told it will most likely take 24-30 days before customs even look at them.


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    Vancouver port of entry is one of the longest normally and under current situation that is possible but also a buffer for them. I think you will get it sooner than that.


  • Well Daniel it seems while my stuff is on an extended pit stop in LA you have managed to pass me for the lead in the Canadian Package Grand Prix

  • 2 to 3 weeks would be a dream come true

    I am at 5 + with no real eta in sight

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    i am on the same boat all the people said about 2 months ago when is going on Delivrey much longer time Fking Covid-19 Box or wheel no effect human ! and i am from canada to Status


    July 5, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Processed Through Facility CANADA

    ,with no date limit when it when be coming who is picked up on canada i dont now .he said he is going destination but where???

  • So I have had a few tracking updates. It looks like both packages "Departed LA" on the same day

    One package has "Departed DETROIT" and also "Departed Toronto" , so based on my first package already received this one is now with customs in Toronto. That should be the next scan.

    The other package did not get a Detroit scan yet so it must have got drunk in the airport and missed the flight out of LA or the connection in Detroit.

  • Unfortunately all 3 of my boxes have been sitting at Canada customs in Vancouver since the 28th

  • Lucky for you guys, its been a month and I still haven't received my tracking number.. lol

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    I can one up you guys, my pedals have been with customs for over a month now.

    I got mail saying my clubsport v3 wheel was shipping soon so I emailed to see if it could be shipped with anyone but USPS. No reply yet, but I also haven't gotten a shipping email yet. Looks like my original order in March will be ready around September at the earliest. Honestly, had I known all this I wouldn't have sunk any of this money into the Sim rig.

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