Black Friday 2019 UPDATE2 A big THANK YOU



  • i was hoping to buy the podium racing wheel F1 on the black friday deals, i was waiting for months thinking they were going to put it on the black friday deals please fanatec make something happend thank you

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    So I am brand new to the simracing world. I was planning on getting a Playseat Challenge with a Logitech G29 just to start, get used to driving on a sim, etc. I did a lot of research and really got hooked on some of your products so I decided that I was going to wait 3 months for this Black Friday sale to get my first rig from you guys. I even checked your 2017 and 2018 offers to get an idea of what to expect. And now Im very dissapointed because the deals for this year are nowehere near the ones from past years.

    I was hoping on a major deal on the CSL Elite F1 set for $599 like last year. Even better if you bundle it with the pedal's loadcell kit.

  • I own a CSW 2.5 and I would like to upgrade to a DD. So 10% discount on a DD1, DD2 or F1 racing wheel for PS4 would be

    great. Or at least a podium kill Switch vor free.

  • Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
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    I was making a huge list, but mostly it was like:

    Bundles 100 euro discount

    Older than RM300 Racing wheels and bases 50 / 70 / 100 euro discount cause, like the BMW wheel is outdated a bit.

    Accessoires 30 / 50 euro discount

    Pedals 30/50 euro discount

    v1.5 shifter 30 / 50 euro discount

    That would be amazing. Everyone gonna buy Fanatec stuff; Newcomers choose the bundles, everyone else chooses the other stuff

    Limited editions are fun, but I think most of us just wanna have a good deal and an amazing experience, so we can praise Fanatec mouth-to-mouth and you guys will get new customers along the year.

    Kinda offtopic, but I am disliking Fanatec selling all kind of pieces of hardware for a wheel for a full price. I think wheels like BMW, F1, the old Porsche etc is what Fanatec makes Fanatec. Modular wheels are cool, but I think it's the wrong market for Fanatec. That's a niche thing for the real real diehard who want to buy wheels of 1000+ euro or so. I think upgrading the older wheels with new stuff like magnetic shifters, etc is a good thing. Same wheel, but better.

  • the dd1 ps4 base without the wheel would be a great offer.

  • Hristo GoshevHristo Goshev Member
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    Hello Mr. Jackermeier

    In my humble opinion a 10% discount on Black Friday of all products will make almost everyone happy and will keep negative comments to a minimum.

    Best Regards

  • Hi Thomas,

    I wished a Deal like:

    BMW GT2 Rim for 242 EUR


    Porsche 918 RSR Rim for 323EUR


    ClubSport Universal Hub incl. free RIM (like R300) for 323EUR


    something like free shipping for all

    in Deutsch:

    Hallo Thomas,

    ich habe auf etwas gehofft wie:

    BMW GT2 Lenkrad für 242EUR (ca. 19,3% Rabatt)


    Porsche 918 RSR Lenkrad für 323Euro (ca. 19,25% Rabatt)

    oder den

    ClubSport Universal Hub inkl. Lenkrad (z.B. R300) für 323 Euro (ca. 19,25% Rabatt)

    und / oder

    kostenloser Versand auf alles.

    Ich habe so gehofft meinen 2ten 3D Druck Lenkradhalter einweihen zu können den ich auf der Sim-Expo dabei hatte :)

    Am liebsten mit dem Podium Porsche Lenkrad, aber als Papa und Alleinverdiener ist das Ding aktuell erst mal unerreichbar.

    Nun hoffe ich auf den Weihnachtskalender wegen dem BMW Wheel :) Solange muss ich mir das immer mal leihen zum Rally fahren :/

    Liebe Grüße aus der nähe von Aachen


  • Firstly you had the option to do absolutely nothing for Black Friday. You could have stuck what I think might be your ethos of moving mid and high end enthusiast level sim gear out of the boutique market and into the mainstream by offering excellently designed products at a reasonable price. If that is the case your marketing should reflect that - innovation at reasonable cost, best prices all year round - no gimmicks.

    However if you decide to do a Black Friday promotion, think of how you can keep current and potential customers happy and at the same time increase turnover. I would have thought that newbie bundles and upgrade paths would be a no brainer - CSL Elite wheelbase and pedals bundle (maybe with a shifter) with 15 - 20% discount and DD wheelbases (Do you really need to sell two? Would there not be economies of scale now that they use the same motor to consolidating to one?) with 10 - 15% discount would make sense. I'm guessing that would make sense with expected margins and it is likely to be helpful by encouraging people into your ecosystem and keeping them their whilst providing a welcome cashflow boost.

    Nobody wants rims, the market is full of rims and that is not what you are good at - cheaper rims that are equally good are available everywhere - possibly from the same suppliers as yours. Offering rims has pissed people off. Fanatec is not a rims company.

    You are great at R&D, you have great products - the new Endurance button box looks amazing (a bit toylike but it's a replica so that's the way it is blame the racing designers!!) and although I have personally had good experiences with the company there is enough noise out there to know that you are not so good at logistics and your support people are under pressure. I can't help thinking that you are not missing a trick by not outsourcing the commerce side to a third party - Amazon being the obvious choice. Let them fulfil that side - they are brilliant at it, your turnover could increase massively, that would open a huge market that currently has not heard of Fanatec, and you could shift efforts to support and do even more of your brilliant R&D and bring these ideas you've got in the pipeline to market.

  • i am also not happy with the Choice.

    I was hoping for a dd1 base at around 1k. Now as there are no dd deals, I only order one instead of 2. so my son have to wait some time ... :(

  • I too was hoping to see a deal on a formula v2 rim and and advanced paddle set. I was hoping to to get a podium dd2 to replace my csw v2 wheel as well. I feel very disappointed with these offers. Even a free delivery option would have been good.

  • Mark MedeirosMark Medeiros Member
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    Lol! This was the exact deal I was hoping for.

    Sadly, it didn't happen, so I just ordered it at full price. $591 USD with shipping. Converts to almost $800 in Canadian dollars. Ouch!!!

    I was hoping to get a DD as well. Shipping to Canada for the DD is $300 USD......... just for the shipping. That's almost the whole price of the Formula V2 or $500 Canadian. It's really hard to justify spending $500 bucks to ship one small box across North America. It would have been nice to have a discount for the shipping.

  • Dear Mr. Jackermeier,

    it would be extraordinary kind if you can arrange a Podium Advanced Paddle Module deal for 150 €

    Thank you very much!

  • Why do Australians get less of a discount than Europeans? The Europeans save 90 euros while Australians save 100 AUD, that is roughly 40-45 AUD difference in saving for Europeans that the Australians are not getting.

    Is this post just a way to calm the storm or would there actually be anything done at this stage. I would like to order products that have no discount before my Black Friday deals to ensure I am not waiting as some people fear for months.

    What I would have liked to see is a CSL Elite bundle, similar to the one above but for all regions and potentially a CSW 2.5V bundle,

    I would instantly buy this at $1000

    or this at $2000

  • Can we have V3 inverted on sale too? please please please!!! I've been waiting for it so long, really wanna get the inverted version.

  • Richard  RRichard R Member
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    Would love to see the bmw gt2 and/or 918rsr with descent discount.

    DD1 around 850 would probably be instabuy... to compete with a other well known brand :)

  • My son and I are both racers on XBox and have been using a G920 for the last couple of years. We were looking to upgrade to the Fanatec ecosystem and were waiting and hoping that there would be some deals that might make that step easier and possibly allow us to get a bit more than we could otherwise afford. Unfortunately none of the offers make a difference for us.

    It is refreshing to see that someone from Fanatec is asking what products would be of interest and at what price. So what we are interested in are the following:

    • CSL Elite Wheelbase v1.1
    • CSL Elite pedals with the Loadcell
    • CSL Elite McLaren GT3 Wheel CSQR

    The above for a price of about €600-650 would be attractive and allow us to probably get the CSL Elite P1 Wheel on top as well.

    Thank you for asking.

  • I was really hoping for a little bit of a price break on the DD2. I was hoping for 10% off....but even at 5% would have been nice. I have been holding off all year hoping that your top tier product would get a little break.

  • Hallo Thomas,

    ich hätte mich sehr über das "Podium Racing Wheel F1" gefreut, mit 25% BlackFriday Bonus würde ich sofort zuschlagen ;)

    Vielleicht gelingt dir diese Überraschung noch bis Freitag, das wäre der Wahnsinn!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


  • As a PC user who has been looking at buying a Fanatec bundle since the start of year I have been looking at the CSL Elite PS4 bundle, but I would have liked the option saving the €50 on the the wheelbase and losing the Ps4 compatability but having the updated wheel (I intend to swap all the button caps anyway). I would have been content if there was enough of a discount to offset that extra cost on the bundle. What it more of a shame is that I have watched the price since the start of the year and the price has increased more on both the wheelbase and LC pedals than the Black Friday discount, so it is still overall more expensive now than before.

  • exactly, even just the kill switch thrown in would have done it, or something comparable to free shipping.... its in my cart just waiting for any deal to pull the trigger. now im search for what other DD + F1 wheel I can do for the same money.

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    it is stupid to believe that you are asked to choose the price of a Fanatec product. What Jackermaier is asking for:
    if you do not want Fanatec at these prices, tell me what you will buy Friday and at what price?

  • Just echoing the sentiments. Was hoping for a DD1 at 10-15% off, probably would have spent $650 on the new Porsche rim to go with it. This is after just buying a CSW 2.5 three months ago. I like your products, but there are other decent options out there, and respectable prices.

    It is a disappointment for sure, especially with the hype that both Fanatec and the users had built up. You get me to buy a DD1 base at a small discount, then I keep buying rims, accessories, referring to friends, etc, etc, etc. Seems like a no brainer.

    I’m going to hold out a few more days and see if Fanatec offers anything up with all of the feedback, otherwise it might be time to seriously look at the AccuForce v2. Which I truly dont want to do, but I am pretty bummed about the lack of Podium deals. $925 with a wheel and button box is mighty tempting.

  • i well paid now $1399.99 for the podium racing wheel F1 ps4 plus shipping costs let me know Thomas Jackermeier asap

  • Like many others, I was hoping for some entry level bundle to get into simracing. So far I settled on buying:

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1
    • CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1
    • CSL Elite Pedals

    Total price is currently 630€. Last year, you sold F1 set for less and it even has nice rim.

  • Keep it simple. Offer 25% off all orders for Black Friday. There's enough pent-up buying pressure on this forum alone to give Fanatec a large sales boost.

  • Wish to see Xbox One Competition Pack with LC pedals for like 850€.

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    This at maybe 25 to 30% off would’ve been awesome or even put it up at regular price but if you bought it for Black Friday you could choose an additional wheel for it. I love the fact that I can get a wheel and base that would work with both pc and PS4 and would also get me into the Fanatec ecosystem. Not to mention it would pair great with my ClubSport inverted pedals lol. One question, would the nascar wheel work with this wheel base for pc?

  • For me the Clubsport V3 are a instant buy. I'm comming from a faulty Thrustmaster TMX and need the upgrade to continue sim racing.

    But i also would like to see the DD1 with a 10% discount. And maybe the BMW rig for like 250€. That would be a instant buy for me.

  • How about Podium pedals, at around $600-650? You didn't specify RELEASED products....

    How about a dedicated sequential shifter, built like a tank, for $200? Go beyond the obvious competitor on this one, with Hall effect sensors instead of switches. H-gate is nice, but you can't get the same feeling out of two-in-one as you get out of dedicated hardware for each.

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