Formula V2 dials broken

Hi all,

The left of the 3 dials on my fanatec Formula V2 has snapped down the middle.

Does anyone know whether there are any replacements that can be ordered?





  • Hi Joe,

    Please create a support ticket (via the My Products section of your Fanatec account) and you will be sent a replacement.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dominic,

    Mabyn thanks for the quick response.

    I've created a ticket but I bought the wheel and several other bits from ebay recently so don't know if they're covered.

    I'm happy to pay for an extra dial if necessary.

    I'll wait and see the response.

    Thanks again,


  • mine too . was bought in March .

    Support Ticket already created .


  • Hi Stefan,

    Did you get it sorted?

    Don't want to have an obvious disaster with super glue otherwise 😁

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    Hello .

    The Knob has fallen apart in 2 pieces , its sad for a 370 buck wheel .

    i wont glue it , better wait for a Replacement Knob .

    Support Ticket created ;-)


  • Exactly the same, must be a fault in the casting.

    Was fine two days ago and just split in half for no apparent reason.

    Let me know how you get on. Good luck.

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    I have the same problem since the delivery date in december 2019

    i received the v2 like that in the box with a podium dd1 also...

    i immediatly made a ticket with pictures and OF COURSE nothing happened ^^

    Now it looks like the stephan meister picture above...🤔

    i m a fanatec user since 10 years with a gt3 rs wheel and clubsport pedals v1

    but sales support is just DUMB and BLIND 🙄

    but i like very much fanatec products so , it s my fault...i m guilty 😅

  • We could do with a good 3d printer getting involved and selling the parts.

    Surely fanatec have hundreds of the dials lying around.

    I'm even happy to pay for one.

  • yep but if we have to think like that, it will be better to built our own diy wheel 😂

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    i don t know if it s correct in size , but i saw some possible interesting knobs in billet aluminium 😁 at leobodnar website but it s in a different design

    about 15 € /piece, need 3 of them and add delivery cost ^^

    thanks fanatec

  • Well done Emmanuel, I'll have a look at the backs.

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    if we make a global order the prize fall down😂

    it s 6mm in fact ;)

  • Ha ha. I've emailed them now.

    Annoying that I'd have to buy 3 if they fit to keep a good look. I'll let you know what they say.

  • nice model 😎

    me it s not only for the look , they are all broken since delivery

  • One of mine snapped straight down the middle.

    Just don't want one odd one now so would have to get all 3.

    Hoping Fanatec get back to us first

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    for me this option is dead😑

    no news during 7 months🙄

    i think that should be good in sizes, a little bit too wide at the base 15 vs 12.5 but blocked by the inside crew of the knob that will match.

    potentialy, the printed numbers are unreadable

    and may be , needing to cut v2 some small designed plastic finitions which are around the old knobs position...

    i m ordering them 😎

  • Can you let me know how you get on with fitting them?

    You can be the canary in the coal mine 😁

  • with the inside allen grub screw procured with the knob

    u just have to screw it on the flat part of the wheel shaft 😎

    6.4 vs 6 that should be ok and may be with a small piece of paper for exemple , printed numbers will be readable...

    there is some stickers provided with another rotary switch knob but bad luck only 3mm shaft and we need 6mm

    nd may be the tx2 series is better

  • Good stuff mate.

    You should work for Fanatec or Bodnar

  • thx mate

    Will see if they send me free some new knobs 😂

  • 2022 Emmanuel. Don't be impatient.

  • i hope i hope lol

  • i have enough time to make it in wood 🤣

  • Bodnar responed already.

  • yep small company = fast answering 😁

  • We OK on those sizes? Don't know whether they'd fit the formula V2 shafts?

  • no problem on this point , shaft size is good

    the only point is cutting that may be

  • I reckon I'll get one and see.

    I can finally boast to the girls that I have a 6mm shaft which is massive for an English man.

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