Formula V2 dials broken



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    girls will dream as for a bbc 🤣

    and u can add that u have a 25 mm knob on it

  • Now you sound like my Mrs.

    I've ordered a TX-2.

    I'll l let you lads know how I get on.

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    it s done also

    1 red and 2 black tx

    see u in few days Joseph😉

  • Hello,

    i got Answer from Support yesterday , Ticket written at Sunday , Replacement Knob will arrive at Thursday.

    Good Support from Fanatec


  • Brilliant Stefan.

    Glad you got it sorted mate.

  • This thread should be pinned. Most interesting. Aftermarket knobs and buttons aren't easy to source unless we're in the know....good stuff.

  • Thanks Jim,

    Been chatting with the guy at open sim racing and he drew up the plans and can do it if anyone else needs them in future.

    Really helpful guy.

  • Hello Joseph

    it s done :)

    shaft flat part is not aligned with the old one so u have to cut a little bit the shaft for good grubscrew position and alignment

    Add also a little stripe of adhesive for the little size shaft difference

    look is great and it s easiest to move the knob (bigger)

  • Nicely done bro, looks really good.

    Mine should be in the post box when I get home. I'll come back and annoy you if I make a mess of fitting it.

  • Could you possibly post photos of completed project?

  • In my picture , the first picture on the left is the final project with the three new knobs 😉

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