Fanatec podium dd1 f1 Assetto Corsa PS4 FFB setting!!!

Hello people

This are my FFB setting on ps4.

In my opinion is this a good setting for all cars.

The main thing is that you keep the Fei on 20/30 en tweak everything in the game.

The Fei/FFB sentivity is whay to strong if you run it to high and everything wil come in very shocking.

If you do this you have all the FFB you want but more subtle and drivable and not ramming your dd1 motor.

My settings are:

Ff 45

Sho 100

Abs off

For 100

Spring of

Dpr 100

Ndp 70

Nfr 3

Fei 30

Mps auto

In game settings are

Ffb 75

Kerb 100

Road 20

Slip 45

Understeer on

Is there somebody ho wants to try this setting and give me there opinion?

Hope to here from you?

Gr Geter v Bussel


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