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  • Thanks Maurice, hopefully in the next update.🙂

  • No, not in the near future, it has low priority.

  • Maurice,

    DOH! Yep that was it. All is well again.

  • Does Fanalab has any impact to Force Feedback and Force Feedback Feeling?

  • So - I really like the Fanalab program. I installed it so that I could use the CS v3 pedal motors in my throttle and brake pedals to detect wheelspin and brake lockup in F1 2020.

    So here is the feedback I would give:

    Would it be possible to provide sensitivity sliders in the interface for wheelspin and wheel lock, so that the CS V3 motors could be set to vibrate just before the tires spin or lock up in F1 2020?

    The problem with Fanalab and F1 2020 right now, is that it is just on or off, and by the time the motors are rotating and your feet feel the vibrations on the brake or throttle, it is already too late. In a real car, you would have some preemptive vibrating feedback that a slip or lock is coming, before it actually happens, and that is what I was hoping for.

    I was told that Fanaleds does a better job with preemptively vibrating the pedals before a lock or spin, but I would rather see it implemented optimally in Fanalab, because Fanalab seems like a better program.

    So that is my feedback.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Hotfix for the following known issues:

    • Fixed: BRF setting stuck at MIN if CSL LC pedals are connected to the base.
    • Fixed: AMS2 is missing the explanation how to disable the game LEDs and Display support to prevent conflicts with FanaLab. You have to disable this inside the game options.
    • Fixed: AMS2 wheel spin LEDs constantly triggered.
    • Fixed: When chosing MPH as speed value in FanaLab settings the speed is shown only shown as 000

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Only the features of the "Dynamic FFB" page or the changes you make on the tuning menu page but by default it doesn't mess with your FFB.

  • Thanks. Will install it later today👍️

  • Just so I’m clear, should the original 1.47 be uninstalled per the upgrade from 1.23 to 1.47?

  • Bug Report

    Podium DD1 | Clubsport Universal Hub | Clubsport V2 Pedals

    Fanalab: V1.47B

    PC Driver: 373

    Wheel Base Firmware: 674

    Wheel Base Motor Firmware: 40

    The tuning will not load when my Clubsport V2 pedals are plugged in. I've been having this issue with the last few versions of Fanalab, in fact it's never worked for me. I've been assuming it was an issue with my base or the hub but I was finally able to figure it out tonight when I launched Fanalab without having my pedals plugged in. If the pedals are plugged in then the Fanalab tuning menu is completely empty. If I unplug them then everything works just fine, I'm able to see the tuning menu and adjust all of the values. I've seen a few other people with this issue without any reported cause or fixes. I know that the V2's aren't supported by Fanalab but I would hope that they wouldn't render the application useless.

  • Just received my DD1 and getting set up, How do I create a profile in Fanalab for LFS?

  • Hristo GoshevHristo Goshev Member
    edited September 2020
  • Thats a bummer, is there plans to allow for us to create our own game profiles?

  • how do we switch ITM pages on the DD base? Can that only be done from Fanalab, or can it be done while driving?

  • Wait, why not!? You're going to all this trouble to allow us to have "near infinite" profiles but we can't use them on software beyond a handful of pre chosen racing games, many of which are just sequels and iterations on the same engine and arguably ending up with very similar settings.

    Edge cases in driving are where we need that profile support. What about my Truck Sim Profile? Spin Tyres? LFS? Beam.Ng? Wreckfest....

  • pre chosen? More like supported. If LFS etc aren't supported it won't work, simple as that. Fanalab needs the data from the games. No data, no reason to make a profile.

  • Of course there is, if a game is unsupported for extra data functionality, all the more reason for me to want a specific tuning menu preset to be automatically loaded on game launch.

  • How to report issues:

    • CSL Elite 1.1 (tested with fw 672/674) Formula v2 F1 2020 fw35, CSL E LC pedals fw19
    • Fanalab 1.47b (2020.08.28) (also tested/replicated Fanalab 1.47)
    • W10x64 1909 latest - driver v365/tested with v373 - issue with v373 is Motor fw (22) & motor fw update button not shown in Fanatec Wheel Properties
    • F1 2020 build 1.08
    • Screen shot and video added
    • Not crashing

    When you are in the MP lobby (create Unranked or join one) the wheelbase vibrates LEDs flash and wheel LEDs / OLED flash (pulsing), if you move off the lobby screen to any other the issue disappears. This has been replicated on another users CSW 2.5 (fw674), Formula v2 (fw35), CSP v3 (unk), same version of F1 and Fanalab v1.47.

    The second issue is the CSL Elite 1.1 shows up as the CSL Elite v1 (mosaic) and there is no other picture selectable.



  • That's a F1 2020 game issue which Codemasters has to fix.

  • Thanks. I do feel their telemetry is a bit unnecessary when sessions are not running! I will post it on their forum unless they are already aware?

    Do you have any information on the image/motor fw button issue in v373 (I see one other user reported it)?

    There was some concern that during the wheel firmware update the wheel was vibrating, some users reported you should try restarting the firmware updater until it stopped vibrating? I haven't downgraded because I get the same, the F1 2020 v2 wheel vibrates when the updater connects to the wheel, so I just exited.

    Everything on the wheel seems to work OK though (if I'm being picky the rotary switches ARE improved with v373)

    More on the motor firmware button, if I run the v365 driver on the v674 firmware, it's there. With v373 it's not.

    It's a minor grumble, but just wanted to make you aware.

    Thanks also for the quick reply.

  • Hi all,

    Just finally got to try ACC today and I have got the same issue that I have with F1 2020 that I took up with Maurice last week,hope someone can help me.

    So got Fanalab running and playing ACC the LEDs and the display on the wheel are working fine but the ITM oled display on the DD2 motor still showing all values at 0.

    This time got no other apps running only Fanalab and ACC any help please


  • Hi.

    I noticed that Fanalab displays the fuel remaining in liters (iRacing) even if the game is set on imperial units. Changing settings in Fanalab (mph/kmh or celsius/fahreneit) doesn't change that, fuel is always displayed in liters. Is there a way to correct this?


  • Not sure if this rFactor 2 or Fanatec Issue

    DD2 & R300 Podium Wheel

    PC Driver 373

    Wheel Base Firmware 674

    Wheel Base Motor Firmware 40

    Steering Wheel Firmware 3

    If it matters: Pro Sim H-Pattern Shifter, Heusinkveld SIm Pedal Sprint

    Fanalab 1.47b

    rFactor 2 via Steam on Windows 10 64 bit OS and game fully patched

    Set KPH/MPH to KPH telemetry on DD2 displays in KPH

    Set KPH/MPH to MPH, telemetry on DD2 displays in KPH

    setting units to metric or imperial has no effect.

    restarting fanalab and PC has no effect.

    couldn't find anything in fanalab to adjust.

  • I am having a problem, I go to load Fanalab up it boots up the just vanishes. i downloaded the 1.47 version and have the latest base and wheel drivers

  • Sounds like you didn't enabled Telemetry properly and didn't enabled Fanalab support and disabled native game support.

  • Deleting the Fanalab folder in C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\PodiumControl and then restarting Fanalab fixes this issue.

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