I bought a DD2 and a BMW steering wheel in July 2019.

But I did not receive an invoice by email

Except I just saw that it takes to operate the 5 year ganranti and activate it.

I thought it was downloadable on my fanatec account but apparently not.

I have sent them two messages since yesterday but no news from them.

How to please


  • I'm sorry about you. You just lost five years of warranty.

    Especially if you have a serious problem with your DD2 or your GT2.

    Without the bill no support.

    If they have not answered such a simple question you even make the deduction. Especially after buying $2,000

  • Of course he has not lost his warranty, don't be alarmist. Tribet.

    If it was bought through the Fanatec webshop then they have a record of the purchase and the warranty is fine. Politano check your SPAM folder, it might be there. Otherwise just be patient, as you said it's only been a day since you emailed, just wait, they will respond.

    The webshop record is all you need, Fanatic will not ask to see the receipt if a warranty claim is made, because they already have the customer and purchase information.

  • They do sometimes take awhile to respond, so I would give it a few days. Make sure to check your SPAM/Junk folder as Ben mentioned.

    I'm sure they will get it worked out with you. Don't listen to Tribet...

  • Hello

    Thank you for your feedback

    I still haven't heard from them.

    there are fed up, it's really not serious.

  • Whatever they say, I was right.

    Fanatec knows how to sell but for the rest there is no one left.

    I don't think they'll answer you. You don't inerres them anymore since you've already bought.

    To believe that Fanatec's after-sale service does not exist....

    Good luck and make a prayer not to have problems with your material.

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