Podium DD2 makes blowing sound

Since April 2020 I have a stage DD2. When I start now it makes a blowing sound. In fanalab I see the Wheel Base and my Club sport Pedals V3 but not my steering wheel, Podium Porsche GT3. Can you tell me what's wrong?


  • Can you please make a video of it showing your problem?

    Also, which driver are you running? When did you buy the Podium Porsche Wheel?

  • Dag Sascha, ik heb het Podium Porsche Wheel gekocht op 27-04-2020.

    De driver zie je op de foto.

    Het lukt voorlopig niet om een video te sturen,vandaar mijn late reactie

  • De chauffeur...de driver

  • De chauffeur...The Driver

  • You have to contact the support as your Wheel Base Motor Firmware is not recognized, its shown as 0 which indicates a communication problem of Base and Motor.

  • Ok thanks. I will try it

  • Hello Maurice,

    I contacted the support team on your advice.

    I had to remove the old firmware and reinstall the driver package(v365). After doing this, I still have the same problem. Back in touch with the support team and they say: Please make sure you have performed after the firmware update the motor sensor calibration. But I can't do that calibration.

    I would like to describe what happens when I start the DD2.

    When starting up the DD2, the fan starts running at full speed. (Blowing noise)

    Then I open "Fanatec Wheel property Page”:

      - function test: - no steering wheel. I can't test anything.

      - Settings: - Wheel center calibration: not possible

               - Motor sensor calibration: NOT POSSIBLE

               - Tuning menu: I can make changes here

               - Mousse Settings: not possible

      - Update: - Wheel Base Firmware: 672 ... the latest version

               - Wheel Base Motor Firmware: 0 ... and when I press the button, Fanatec  

                Wheel Property Page stops.

               - Steering Wheel Firmware does not appear

               - Podium Hub Firmware does not appear.

    Maurice I'll let you know this and maybe it can help or maybe someone else reads this and says: hi I've had this problem too and can help me.

    Maybe I can install an older driver (335 or 346) or the new driver 373? Now I was using the 365.

    What I don't understand: I buy a new DD2, no problems starting it up and no problem at all for 2 months. Then on 2020/08/14 I get the problem for 20 minutes and then the DD2 was ok again. I raced for two days and the third day, the problem was there again. Until now.

    Is it a problem with the software or hardware?

    I hope there will be a solution.

    Kind regards and thanks,


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