Podium DD1 cogging issue (un-smooth steering after prolongued use)

Guys I'm getting fed up by my issue, and Fanatec doesn't give me clear indications that they have checked the issue on their end. I've been mailing back and forth thousand of times, and we are getting nowhere in solving this issue.

Issue: DD1 is smooth at startup of the base. But after about two hours, it becomes coggy.. Like a belt driven wheel and it is not smooth anymore... As if the magnets got thousands of volts stored in them.. When I turn the wheel, it's stepping/cogging all the way around... If I RESTART the wheelbase, everything is smooth again. But after a while it becomes un-smooth... Can anyone verify this for me? Play with it a few hours and see.. I'm using torque.

I have tested every driver since 337, aswell as firmwares and motor drivers. The issue is persistent on ALL drivers... Fanatec hints to me that it could be software, but seeing that it's persistent problem across all drivers, it's likely not.. Fanatec also suggest that i can send it back, but they say that if they don't find anything wrong with my wheel, they will charge me for shipping.. It indicates that they do not believe me.


  • Sorry to hear about your Wheel Base issues.

    Maybe its and hopefully it's some defect in your motor? Because if so then Fanatec will and should be able to re create your same results.

    You would need to tell them in which games it's happening in and the wheel settings for each game in game and in base.

    This should allow the process of elimination to take its proper course so that maybe they can find a solution for you.

    I plan to purchase this F1 Ps4 Podium when from them sometime this year hopefully however instead of selling my CSL elite I will keep it for just in case purposes.

    I dont think it means that they dont believe you because it's not like their wheel based haven't had any issues before.

    I think you have to be patient and persistent.

    Take whatever solutions they can offer you and go from there.

    How long have you had it and hownofterndo you use it?

  • Thanks. I made a forum post a while back with this issue: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/comment/38646#Comment_38646

    Seems there is another person with the same issue, I found out today. Exactly like me, after 1:30h mark or 2:00h mark the wheel becomes un-smooth. I have had contact with Fanatec for many months now, and it happens in all games.. But it ALSO happens if I don't play at all.. Just the fact that the wheel is powered on is enough for this resistance to appear..

    Note that it's hard to notice if you turn the wheel fast(ish) around.. Then it feels smooth and normal, but you can feel it if you turn it very slowly... Some people would probably think "Why turn it so slow?".. Because of ETS2 and ATS.. Slower games which requires precision

  • Tested among three other friends who also have the same wheelbase. They did not have this issue.. I found out that the issue appears if I have 100% force feedback. If I dial it back to 95%, the issue disappers.. Seems to be defective outrunner magnets. I'm trying to get a hold on support again

  • If anyone is interested in testing themselves, I've made a detailed document explaining the issue: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HC6YacMkdj2iExf_c7vRdQ9VpszuL-JN-V9WdA9p2J4/edit

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