Fanatec Beta Driver V361 (now V365) for CSL, CSW and Podium Bases (all wheels)



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    Ehm, no, its actually the exact opposite.

    BRF is ONLY for Loadcell Pedals when they are connected to the Base - its NOT available at all for non-loadcell Pedals.

    The CSL Elite LC can also be connected to the base directly, they dont have to be connected through USB (though they have a higher resolution with USB connection on the brake pedal only), but BRF is only available for Loadcell Pedals connected to the Base directly.

  • You're right. The CSL Elite LC-pedals are supported but indeed if they are connected by the RJ12-wire instead of usb.

  • Greetings, guys !

    On the short:

    Hardware: DD2 wheelbase + porsche 911 Gt3 wheel + button modlule endurance + advanced paddle module

    Problem: random freezes, both during practice sessions and official races.

    The main symptom is that i am unable to shift gears, the shifting paddles are literally dead, while the rest of the fanatec ecosystem is working. When double-checking on the fanatec wheel property page everything is working, except the paddle shifters (both the big and the small ones, left and right). The hand clutch ones are working.

    The only fix for now is powering the wheel off and on, during the initialisation (ingame) my car revs like hell (somehow like being stuck on high revving) then things go to normal, until the next freeze, which of course is not a viable solution.

    I can not find a specific trigger for this, it occurs randomly no matter if i am racing or if i am in the pits and as you can probably imagine it is a game breaker.

    What i have tried so far:

    • all the drivers, all the firmwares (including the 365 beta)
    • checked all the cables, replugged them again
    • support ticket to FANATEC - with no answer, of course

    Please help me find a fix for that as it is totally unacceptable for such a high-end and pricey product to make my life a misery when it comes to racing.

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    You can try the Testfirmware package which was posted on page 20 of this thread which should fix some fixes (relevant for you are the PHUB and BME Hex files).

  • Hi,

    I experience those Base Freezes In Acc. i can't exactly say when it happens or why it happens.

    But it seems to be only in longer sessions after lets say 1.5Hr... it's nearly impossible to play an endurance race cause when it freezes i need to pull the powerplug and restart the wheel again.. but then my ffb is gone... so i need to restart the game and the wheel again... Today i was lucky and it happend just after my stint.. but it happend when i wasn't playing anymore... but yesterday i happend while i was in qualification.. i was turning into a left corner and the wheel keeps turning to the left and reacted to nothing anymore... Also i recently that the Powerbank sometimes keeps blowing for a while even after that i shut of the wheel base.

    currently i am on:

    Pc driver 356

    Wheel Base Firmware 670

    Motor Firmware 38

    Steering Wheel Firmware 9

    Podium Hub Firmware 2

    Playing with the Porsche endurance on a DD 1 - PC

    now i see there are 365 drivers will the solve this problem?

    Someone on facebook Mentioned to a zip file with 3 Hex files in it. (page 20)

    But i don't now exactly understand how to instal these...

    Even wonder for what they are...

    I Assume PHub is for the podiumhub?

    Rformv2 for the V2 Rims?

    BME I don't know

    Could you help me with this problem, cuase i have some upcoming endurance races

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    Same answer as I gave 2 hours ago to the previous guy, comment above your issue report.

    "You can try the Testfirmware package which was posted on page 20 of this thread which should fix some freezes (relevant for you are the PHUB and BME Hex files)."

    To install, just open the driver, go to Update Tab, click yes, click Load Hexfile and select the correct Hex File (BME for BME, PHUB for Podium Hub), click Flash.

    PHUB = Podium Hub.

    RFORMv2 = Formula v2 - not relevant for you as you have the PHUB with BME.

    BME = BME (Button Module Endurance)

    This COULD fix your freezing issue - if not, you have to wait for a new driver.

  • Thank you now it is clear,

    but is it recommended to be on driver 365 first?

  • yes as 365 and Firmware 672 have the most recent driver fixes included which should be used together with this anti-freeze-firmwares.

  • Will give it a try!

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    Don't know if someone mentioned it all ready...

    But i now have update everything to the anti-freeze frimware..

    But the d-pad of the endurance module now recognizes rotates to the left anymore ...

    so in the tuning menu i rotate left but the numbers increase instead of decrease ...

    turning to the right works fine...

    also so in ACC, i have mapped it for Brake Balance changes... so first i could rotate to the left and it decreased the balance.

    But now when i rotate it to the left the Balance increases... Rotating it to the right works as it should

  • Yep, that’s known and fixed with the next firmware.

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    Friends, the base dd 1 The steering wheel has been detected, but the buttons and shift paddles are not active. During the test, the indicators all work. How can this issue be resolved? 346, 662/30

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    Updated to 365, 672/38, the steering wheel is gone)))

    I don't have these items, should they be? If so, what update?

    I took this picture from the firmware instructions. My F1 carbon and BMW GT2 steering wheels.

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    in your Screen shot ,i see driver 356 ? oh sorry not your sceenhot

  • How do I manually uninstall a Wheel Base Motor firmware?

  • Will do this today, and will come back with feedback. Thank you very much, Maurice !

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    I had the computer crash. After reboot my iRacing configure files where all reset as was the graphics. After I got the configuration back the way it was I found that my although the V3 pedals are recognized in iRacing in the options page the pedals are not recognized in the cockpit.

    I re-calibrated the wheel and pedals several times. got in and out of iRacing rebooted the system, remove the Fanatec software and reinstalled.

    So take a breath. In the iRacing options and the Fanatec Properties I can see that the wheel and pedals respond to movements.

    However when I go in game, enter the cockpit the brake is locked. I have not noticed full brake bar before because I rarely use the controls display. When I shift gears I can hear the gear change sound and see the gear number change. When I press the accelerator I can see the bar move. I do not hear the engine nor does it unlock the brake or cause the car to move.

    When I move the steering wheel I can see the front wheels respond accordingly.

    I also unplugged and re plugged the USB

    Everything was working before the crash. I had sent a PM to Maurice weeks ago asking where the Fanatec config files are stored so I could back them up but have not received a reply.

    So right now something is not talking or not listening but its is just not working

    DD! with Formula and APM

    PC Driver 365

    WB Base Firm 672

    WB Motor Firm 38

    Steering Firm 34

  • Sounds like you didnt checked the checkbox for auto-engine start so the engine just isnt switched on because even without the engine tunred on you can shift through the gears and you will see the pedal bar moving, but of course car wont move because the engine isnt on.. ^^

    Either bind keys to manually start the engine or check the checkbox that engine start happens automatically, then it should be fixed.

  • Update: two days of testing so far after i have flashed the test firmware and NO freezing so far. It seems that for some reason now FANALAB auto closes itself while running iracing, still investigating ths new issue.

  • I have noticed the same problem. also now in Iracing (Beta) IRFFB does not connect automatically as before. anyone know why ??

    DD1 PS4


    V34 con archivo hexadecimal

  • So it seems this could be related to the test fw.

    I would rather miss freezing than fanalab

  • Normally FanaLab should not close itself, however, in certain cars in iRacing there is a known issue that it closes, like when loading the Formula Renault 2.0 or 3.5 cars..

    However, all FanaLab crashes should be fixed with next version.

  • OMG, Maurice. It is exactly what I have played yesterday. Formula Renault 2.0. Exclusively

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    Aaaah look.

    Yeah Fanalab crashes when you load that car.

    But it's a Fanalab issue, not related to the anti-freeze-firmware.. ^^ Other cars should be fine without crashing.

    Will be fixed with the next Fanalab version :)

  • Serious issue!!! After waiting months for my valve index, it’s completely unusable with the DD1.... the second I turn on the DD1 and touch my headset the screen goes grey..... if I turn off my DD1 all is well. Please help!!! I paid too much money for this to be happening. I’m assuming the dd1 cords aren’t shielded.

  • Good Morning.

    So, it was 02 long months of tests and notes using the anti-freeze test firmware for the Formula V2 steering wheel, I will be brief in the results and if you want some details I will be available to provide.

    There were 181 hours of testing between training and racing on the SIM iRacing, using GT3 and GTE cars.

    It was 57 hours of execution (tests) with GT3 and there were 05 freezes.

    It was 124 hours of execution (tests) with GTE and there were 16 freezes.

    Perhaps another problem that you already know more that I would like to highlight is also the failure of the equipment to supply some colors of flags.

    So this is it, if you need more details about the freezes, which car, which track, which configuration of Fanalab, how many minutes of training / running took place, etc., I have it all written down.

    I hope it helped in some way and I hope you can completely resolve this issue in the next driver and firmware update because it gets in the way, especially when it occurs in the middle of a race.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Good luck for all.

    Best regards.

  • They are shielded. Do you have grounded your rig properly?

  • I have a ground wire going from a mounting hole on my dd1 to my pc case.

    some development.... the second my foot touches the rig, I get grey screens. If I stand to the side with my Dd1 on, absolutely nothing. Second I touch my toe on my rig it’s goes nuts when I touch the headset 😂 

    please tell me what to do :(

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