New Full setup, am I doing it right?

Hey everyone, i'm a live streamer and looking to get back into sim racing. I will be investing quite a bit but don't wanna buy the wrong stuff.

Currently my setup will include:

ClubSport Wheel base V2.5

ClubSport Wheel GT Alcantara

ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon

ClubSport Handbremse V1.5

Next Level GT Ultimate V2 Cockpit



I will be mounting a 40-50" on it as well.

My main question is do i absolutely need to also purchase the ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5

in order to use the ClubSport Handbremse V1.5 or will i be able to mount it on my cockpit?

My second question is , is the cockpit iv'e chosen good for the racing wheel and accessories.



  • Nice selection Danny. To answer your questions.

    You don't need the shifter to use the handbrake. It can be plugged directly to the PC or Wheelbase and Pedals (which I notice you don't have listed) if you have V3 or CSL with LC and can be mounted from the side or bottom. GT comes with mounting plates I believe.

    The GT is perfectly fine with the CSW V2.5

    Enjoy !

  • Thanks a lot Joseph!

    I've added the to my order as well thanks for the heads up on that lol!

    Thanks again for your help! this answered my questions, I think visually all will look great for my comunity!

  • Look forward to seeing some pics 😉

  • I have a NLR GTTrack and triple monitor stand. I have already replaced the triple stand with a sim-lab unit. The NLR stand did not fit my 32" displays. Was a real pain to work with.

    The GTTrack is ok but I also plan to replace this at some point. The problem I have with the GTTrack is in mount does not adjust well to suit my DD1. I also don't like the mount for the shifter/hand brake. I can't seem to get it in a position I like. It also seem to be a bit flimsy.

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