iRacing - Fanalab Understreer gray

Hi All, I've just got myself the DD1 package with the Formula V2 wheel. I was really looking forward to using the wheel vibration motors for understeer. But to my surprise they are greyed out in Fanalab as soon as iRacing loads.

Running - 352 with Fanalab 1.23

Does iRacing not support this (due to missing telemetry), or am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks for any assistance :-)


  • When you hover with the mouse over the greyed out vibration then it will tell you that this feature is not supported by the game.

    iRacing blocks all kind of telemetry output to prevent cheating so it is not possible for FanaLab to do much in this game and most of the features are greyed out.

  • Thanks Maurice, bit of a shame, but since testing this DD1 I can feel the understeer a lot better than on my old V2.5

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