Random grinding sensation when changing between sessions


I have a DD1 running the latest driver and firmware. When running rfactor2 I randomly get a grinding (sand like) feel in the steering of the DD1. This happens on occasion when I change between sessions (Practice, qualy and races).

The only way to get rid of it is to get out of the sim and reset my DD1, then get back into the sim. The wheel will then run through any number of sessions before picking up the grinding feel at some random time. The same issue happened with the previous drivers and has not changed since updating drivers and fanalab.

Can anyone suggest a fix?


  • Hi Peter,

    Are you sure it's not related to the physics? There's a lot of dynamic things going on in rF2 that can affect FFB (damage, tyre evolution, track evolution).

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    Hi Dominic,

    I am absolutely sure this issue is not physics related. The grinding sensation comes into the wheel and can be felt before taking the car out of the pits. It only happens in rfactor2, does not occur in iracing, Ams or AC. It genuinely feels like sand in the bearing of the steering but I know it is electronic because it goes away after a full reset. The feeling is there right after a new session is entered, if I start a session without it, the wheel will stay normal for the whole session. It can happen in both single and online driving modes.

    If it was physics, it would not come and go like it does. It also happens on different cars in rfactor2, I mostly drive GT3 cars but I also got the same thing with touring cars.

    i also have friends with the same DD1 combination and they do not experience what I am getting.

    Regards, Peter

  • Hi

    i have the same problem like Peter has but i have a cs 2.5 wheel base. i would say serated sensation but the grindig is good way to put it in words too and its also give some noises when the problem is come out. lately it also happend that not just betwen session changes but when i was in the garage and go out to the track the problem was there (only 2 times) .. so again the problem is the same, only with rfactor2 betwen session changes exept that two times as i mentioned. i hope for some solution because i can't participate in a serious race like this , no one gonna wait for me to restart the wheel.

  • I also get this same issue using the latest drivers for my Fanatec DD1.

    I've also heard others with same issue and it seems to be if you have clicked "Race" more than 17 times I think?

  • Same issue after upgrading to the latest beta driver and firmware, happens everytime i play rfactor2 now:(

    I just need to leave the track and come back in and it's ok for a little while.

    What drivers is everyone else using?

  • Wow this needs to be fixed ASAP if now happening all the time!

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    quick update, happened again tonight on change of a session, while in game just wound down damping from 100 to zero and the grainyness went. to be clear not natural dampening but DPR next to spring. Also gone back to 373 driver so the driver is not the issue it's more likely to be the firmware(might even be the motor firmware). damper seems to have no effect in rfactor2 so i will leave it at zero

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    Hi everyone, OP here checking in again because the same fault happened again to me during my regular Thursday night rfactor2 racing.

    It has been 4 months now since starting this thread and all we have so far is more reports by users and a seemingly fanatec support member that thinks we cannot distinguish between rfactor2 feedback and a fault. It is quite disappointing.

    Thanks to Tony Benelli for the suggestion on the damping setting, will give it a try next time it happens...ie, once a week for me.

    Now...where is fanatec support?

  • The damping setting didn't fix it for me

  • Any news here guys ? i have also this issue, pretty annoying. :(

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