Brand New CSL Elite Pedals Not Responding

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I just got my CSL Elite F1 wheel base in the mail today and my CSL Elite pedals (waiting on the wheel to come in). I set everything up and installed the drivers to the latest version. Wheel base powered on fine, but when I go in to the wheel property software, the pedal inputs from me pressing them do not respond. Now I accidentally plugged the RJ12 cable from the pedals in to the shifter (i have since plugged it back in to the pedals port), and when I pressed the throttle and break I could see the input happening on the 2gs indicators. So, is there something wrong with the port on the wheel base or is it another issue? Am I missing a driver somewhere? Thanks


  • *** SOLVED ***

    So I ended up solving what the issue was, something with the drivers that I was using. For the people who my stumble upon this forum experiencing the same sort of issue, here is how I went about fixing it:

    • Uninstall all fanatec drivers currently installed
    • Restart PC
    • Install driver from or whatever the newest driver is
    • Once installation is complete, restart PC again
    • Once restarted, open the Fanatec Wheel Property Page (aka the program that was installed)
    • Once opened, turn on your wheel base (in my case the CSL Elite F1 for PS4) and let it complete its initial start up calibration
    • When it's done rotating and the lights are out ("and away we go"), plug in the pedal's RJ12 connector "pedals" port on the wheel base
    • Fully but gradually press down on the throttle and brake to run its calibration (this is stated in the pedals manual)
    • Watch to see if your pedal inputs are now being read by the Wheel Property Page

    Again, this worked for me and it's not guaranteed it'll work for everyone, but hopefully it'll help someone out :D

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