BMW GT2, Porsche rim and the technology as today

Dear Fanatec / Reader,

I was wondering about something. Lets say I want to buy the BMW GT2 rim. Are the hardware of that rim the same as in 2012? Or are they up to date with current technology? Same for issues like the lots of play the rim has during release and after. Are the teething issues solved?

I was wondering about this because it would be strange from my point of view to pay 300 euro for outdated technology or a rim with still having teething issues after years.. Would love to know.

Thank you for reading and I hope for an answer.




  • Hi,

    The BMW GT2 rim is worth every penny, I own this and 2 other Fanatec rims. Fanatec promised full future hardware compatibility with all their wheels. Except for the 911 GT3 CUP! Which is a great disappointment for me, I don't own a podium base, YET! ( Still waiting for my firmware Fanatec!!! ) I haven't experienced none of the problems you talked about. The BMW rim has 2 internal vibration motors, more immersion. I think only the 918 and another F1 wheel shares this wonderful feature. The Alcantara on the BMW GT2 is great but you should wear gloves.

    It's a great rim.

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    Bought a used BMW rim. The paddles are the worst ever. No resistance, no tension, no click, etc. However, I detached them because I do not need paddles with a round rim. Have my Formula V1 for that. Perhaps will mod my F1 will real magnetic shifters. Not the printed one, because you still use the spring inside. (Which will snap someday)

    Anyway. BMW rim is topnotch. Great leather. Even do not have to use gloves. The leds and the display are lovely too. Great light rim. 400 is a bit steep but 280-330ish seems fair. With magnetic or 'clicking' paddles it would be a better wheel, imho.

  • Hey great to hear, it's not leather it's Alcantara. It's a bit more sensitive when it comes to palm sweat. I also think the paddles on the BMW rim is not needed, if you have the SQ Shifter. But in the meantime:

  • Oh did I wrote BMW? Guess I was sleepy. I have the Porsche 😅

  • Nice wheel, the Porsche 918 rim shares the same technology and shifter as the BMW GT2, with different paddles.

  • Yeah. Thank you. It's lovely. Light. Leather is lovely during summer because I do not have to wear gloves. Easy to clean too. The paddles are the worst, but as above I detached them. Too bad I can't dim the leds during night a bit. Think Fanalab can, but I hate to run 1000's programs, hehe. Anyway. Good stuff. Hopefully Fanatec will create some new revisions with better paddles and some new technology. And sell the old stuff. It's time for some new innovations/ideas/revisions. Evolving and keeping your customers amazed is good.

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