It's been five days and I've gotten no tracking number or response from Fanatec

So, I placed a $1500 order on the 14th and I got a "Your Fanatec order has shipped" email from them on the 15th with a "you will receive the tracking number soon in a separate email" message later on in that initial email. I also had a receipt of purchase attached to that email. I waited all day for a tracking number and I got nothing. The next day, I sent an inquiry email to [email protected] asking about the status of my order and if they had shipped it and I heard nothing. I tried calling on the 17th, and I got no response from any of the choices.

Fanatec, can you clear this up or will I have to request a chargeback from my credit card company? Spending $1500 with a company only to have them give you absolutely zero communication is, honestly, terrible customer service, unless there are extenuating circumstances. I'd just like some update on my product, please.


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