WRC 9 CSL Elite PS4 doesn't work


I have windows 10 Pro and installed the latest driver (v373) but I can't get the Csl elite to work. I can't assign any buttons and I have no FFB. It shows the wheelbase in the game but I can't do anything. When I switch in the game to PS4 mode and then switch back I can assign some buttons and and then it works (no FFB) but as soon as I leave the game I have to start over again. I had WRC 8 before and I had also the same issue. in F1 2020 and Dirt 2.0 it works flawless. Your help would be much appreciated.


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    I had the same issue and for me WRC9 thought my Xbox Controller was my Fanatec Wheel base.. i could steer and use pedals but all FFB came thru the Xbox Controller.

    I solved it by uninstalling drivers for the Xbox Controller. Be sure to not connect any other device (Controller/wheel) to the same USB port as you have the Wheel.

  • Thanks for your response. I have my Ps4 controller also installed maybe I am going to delete it and see if that helps.....it's really frustrating because I have played wrc always on the Ps4 and now I finally have a game pc and can't play it

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