Uninterruptible Power Supply For DD1

I had a power failure last night with 5 minutes left in my race and since my DD1 is plugged directly into a 115vac/15amp AC wall outlet per the Fanatec DD1 documentation, I lost my steering and crashed. All of my other equipment: routers, computers, etc. are on high quality UPS sources and of course they all were operational and I stayed online without a glitch.

So, I would like to put my DD1 on a UPS so this never happens again. So my question to Fanatec is: Is this possible and if so what UPS output do you recommend?

I have previously tried to use my DD1 with a 900W/1500va UPS and it would occasionally freak out and lock up in the middle of a race so I learned pretty quickly, that was a bad idea!



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