Xbox Series X HELP

Could someone please explain why Xbox doesn't like Sim racing? my wheel rev lights, display, switches, rollers and extra buttons do not work? what is going on Xbox.

quick search and it seems crazy but this has been a problem for sometime, is there any hope for us or should I give up hope? such a shame as the Series X is very good.

my setup:

the Fanatec CSL Elite - Clubsport fomula V2 - Xbox Series X

Recently switched from PS4 (everything worked) to Xbox Series X and I'm very happy, but can't believe Microsoft hasn't fixed this issue yet.

any clarity on this issue would help,




  • Thats the case since forever because Microsoft still did not updated their Xbox OS code to support those things.

    You have to raise your voice against Microsoft so they see the need that they finally have to update their shit code after all these years...

  • hello Mr. Böschen, I fully agree with Luke Durrant. Fanatec produces super steering wheels with only half the function for the Xbox. Unfortunately, Fanatec (you) always refers to the end user. The big company fanatec should have more influence on Microsoft than individual end users. How about if fanatec initiates something like this and is signed by fanatec owners. Your company certainly knows who to turn to at Microsoft and what exactly it is about. I think fanatec could do a lot for that. Many greetings to your boss Thomas Jackermeier. Written by a Fanatec fan with a lot of Fanatec equipment, with best regards, Reinhard Benischek, Germany.

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