Compatibility: podium hub with ps4 DD1 wheelbase

Question: will the podium hub allow me to use third party wheels with my PS4 podium wheelbase to play playstation games?


  • No, unfortunately not.

    You'll need at least the PS4 Button and the "X" button to register your wheel/base once at the PS4 main menu to use it.

    Means, it works with the universal hub including the button clusters (or the top buttons), but not for the Podium Hub, as it has no buttons at all.

  • Thanks, Michael!

    Far as you (or anyone else) knows, is there a way to use a third party wheel with my PS4 DD1 to get it to play Playstation games - or should I give up the chase?

  • Hi Derek,

    you're going to need the Universal Hub with button clusters mounted and the funky switch. On top of that, you can mount any rim with 6x70mm or 3x50mm screw pattern. However, you'll have to check the clearance for the button clusters.

    This is the hub:

    And don't get irritated by the XBox naming, it works on the PS... Additionally, the XBox logo on top of the funky switch is just a sticker, underneath is the Fanatec "F". Maybe, it isn't even mounted, my one was second hand, so I can't tell.

  • Thanks!

    Not sure if this is going to work well with my f1 wheel options..but will check it out.

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