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I am fully aware and appreciate there is a lot of information (and misinformation) on this subject out there - primarily that this is a Microsoft/ XBOX issue where ‘wheel mappings are only allowed to that of XBOX controller inputs’. 

I accept it probably was the case historically, BUT see below...

I had a Logitech G923 (recently upgraded to Fanatec) and All (you read that right) - ALL button/dial inputs and rev lights on that G923 wheel ARE SUPPORTED in Assetto Corsa Competizione on XBOX - SO THERE CLEARLY IS A WAY to get most buttons on our Fanatec wheels working for our beloved F1 games...

Demonstrably, the above is allowing mappings well beyond the number of standard controller inputs, rendering that old chestnut; ‘Microsoft limits mapping to that of it’s controller inputs’ as null and void - at least in my mind.

Does it mean the Microsoft castle wall has been breached and we can now expect better Fanatec wheel button support in future F1 releases? Or was this a one off?

I’m by no means a software development expert (and please correct me if you DO KNOW), but I assume this was achieved via Microsoft OK’ing, and ACC game developers then using, the new Logitech SDK to support Trueforce. 

I also accept that Fanatec may not know what has been achieved by other wheel manufacturers - so if Microsoft are telling Fanatec that inputs can only be mapped to XBOX controller inputs, (which is proven not to be true) then the knowledge that Logitech have done it can be used to leverage Microsoft.

A few questions then; What do Fanatec/ Codies need to do with their software to achieve better button support and what are the current roadblocks? What is in the pipeline on this for Fanatec wheel - does anyone actually know? 

I am posting this as it is important to know what has been achieved, which could hopefully could lead to a better result for all Fanatec wheel users on XBOX.

P.S. Happy to be corrected on any of my assumptions and thoughts above.

P.P.S. Yes I know I “should” be on PC to unlock all functionality (I will get there eventually if this can’t be solved), but that’s not the point - my Fanatec wheel is officially XBOX licensed and SHOULD work. And with the above development I see no reason as to why this can’t be achieved, especially as the Fanatec equipment is expensive!


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    I can only support the above comment. It's time that someone at Fanatec should clearify the issue and not pointing to Microsoft of Codemasters. And yes, I have heard the chicken and egg story too many times, and yes I know you have to develop in order to get new things. But explain the problem.

    I know Microsoft is never going to support this since the racing market, and esspecially those who uses highend steering wheels is way to small for Microsoft to invest in (Microsoft did stated this recently) so it's up to Fanatec to develop an Xbox SDK together with Codemasters or solely an Xbox SDK for game developers. Just how it was done yaers before the Xbox/Sony battle started (which brought nothing but good for the players 😇Eitherway, finally explain the problem to us and what we may or may not expect. Be open about it.

    Btw, it's working on the PS4 too. All buttons can be mapped, thumbwheels are working, podium paddles can all be mapped, etc.

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    Marcel, do you have a link for where Microsoft said this?

    By the way, I fully agree with you on the point about transparency. We are all adults and no one expects miracles - we can discuss the situation, whatever it is!!!

  • For anyone reading, If you are someone “in the know” when it comes to all this SDK business, and particularly those who may be able represent Fanatec with a level of authority, I would like to present the following.

    If you are one of these people, can you kindly confirm (or correct me on) the below;

    • Is there a Fanatec developed SDK in existence? I’m hearing one was not developed and therefore the native Xbox SDK is being used (which will explain why Fanatec wheel inputs are limited to that of a standard Xbox controller).
    • It has been said that it’s up to Microsoft to implement the Fanatec SDK. If there is a Fanatec developed SDK, I assume it was produced in line with any and all Xbox provided guidelines/ standards. If so what is the reason for Xbox not approving the SDK - surely some reasoning was given?
    • If the existing Fanatec SDK is unlikely to be approved, Xbox also supports the use of their elite controller and keyboards. Could these connections somehow be used as the basis of the SDK to increase the chances of success? 
    • Is it possible to (in the short term, and will minimal effort) get some additional functionality supported, while other functions are still being developed. If the likelihood of full wheel support on Xbox is improbable, and this is an option, then surely this is the only way forward?

    I am trying to get clarity on the process and issues with this SDK - I think this clarity and transparency is much needed as many are frustrated about what specifically is going on with Xbox support.

    I (and many others) will certainly appreciate your attention, knowledge and responses to the above.

  • @Monik Gadhvana — can you prepare petition? English is foreing languahe for me and I'm will many mistakes in text. After It we can start promote it in simracing community and try to attract attention of Microsoft and Fanatec for this issue.

    The current situation is abnormal. We bought officcial licensed devices and can't get full features from it.

  • Additional wheel inputs are possible on Xbox - please see the linked post: PROOF of Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working on Xbox.

  • That's all nice and fine that there is "proof" that rev lights work, but as long as it is not supported/fixed for Fanatec, there's no reason to spam all threads with the same comment.

  • I'm commenting to keep this conversation alive - it certainly is being discussed on the Microsoft forum

  • I just bought the CLS DD (8Nm) and ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5X just to realize that only few buttons work. Annoyed as hell to say the least. If I knew I wouldn't buy it. I just checked the Fanatec website and this is what they say:

    Functionality on Xbox consoles is limited by the Xbox OS. Our Xbox-licensed Steering Wheels have almost the same number of usable inputs as the standard Xbox controller (gamepad). Only the 'LS' and 'RS' (clickable sticks on the Xbox gamepad) are not accessible. When you connect an Xbox wheel to a compatible Fanatec Wheel Base, all connected Fanatec hardware becomes detectable by the Xbox, i.e. the wheel base itself, the pedals, the shifter, and the handbrake. Some of our wheels have many additional buttons and switches that you don't find on a gamepad; these inputs are either mapped as duplicates of normal gamepad buttons or have no function on Xbox. Steering wheel displays and LEDs are also not currently supported by the Xbox OS (the display is still accessible to adjust Tuning Menu settings).

    Microsoft is in the process of opening up the Xbox OS to support more features of third-party input devices in the near future.

    This sentence doesn't really mean anything unless someone confirms that they are actually working on it and the timeline for this. Anyone here knows anything about it or who/where to ask this? Or if Fanatec could clarify this?

    This, it's Microsoft's fault, means nothing to us because we paid some money for the wheel that is just a wheel and nothing else. I could have bought some cheap shit with only 4 buttons and save money. Either push Microsoft to do it or you create some SKD to enable all the buttons that you put on the wheel.

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    I feel your pain, man. That sucks. But unfortunately that's the way it is. I've been a Fanatec customer for years, and there's been zero tangible progress on this. I finally just decided last year to go the PC route and forget about the Xbox, at least for racing games.

    BTW, I'm you have a link for that quote you posted? I haven't seen that before.

  • Someone mentioned the petition which sounds like a better thing to do than just posting here as I'm pretty sure Fanatec doesn't give a shit.

    Yeah, here it is. I went to my products and clicked on the support for my wheel and got to this page:

  • I spoke to Xbox support team and they said that they are working on the update to enable all button to be mapped. He didn't know exact date but he said that is should be 1 week max before new Forza Motorsport 8 is going to be release and that should be this Fall

  • Hi, thanks for the info, this means It won't be available until later this year, right? It's a lot of time, I have a new csl dd and I only can use a few buttons in my series x, is ridiculus. Is the same for thrusmaster or Logitech?

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