Restocking estimate for sold out CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2

Hello and Happy New Year to all. After extensive research, I decided to build a Fanatec setup with a ClubSport Wheel Base v2.5, V3 pedals, and the new McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. Imagine my disappointment yesterday when I put my wish list in the shopping cart and the wheel was sold out. It would be very helpful if Fanatec would provide an estimate of when these steering wheels will be restocked. Thanks

Fair winds and following seas to all.


  • Fanatec always provides estimated dates for pre orders. Currently the wheel is on backorder for the 15th of February in the EU shop.

  • Thanks for the response, Sascha. I didn't think to point out that I am in the US, where it only says "Sold Out".

  • I could have asked too :) Nevertheless, should be around the same date, the "Sold Out" is probably a website bug.

  • I don't mean to be harsh towards Fanatec, but I suspect that it's a supply chain issue rather than someone fat-fingering a keyboard. Australia, Europe, and Japan still have pre-order availability. In the mean time, I'm still seeing ads for the wheel on a daily basis, and I'm ready to pre-order my bundle for my fast approaching birthday. I hope to see a response from Fanatec once they've returned from Holiday. :)

    Fair winds and following seas.

  • A big thank you to whomever at Fanatec updated the website availability info on the CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. The only downside to this is that my research stalled my order placement and instead of a January ship date, it's now 29 March. The good note is that I have plenty of time to finish a remodeling project on the house before the setup arrives. Thanks to everyone that helped.

    Fair winds and following seas to all.

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    Update: Just finished my daily order status check, and the availability date for my McLaren GT3 V2 wheel has changed from 29 March to 19 February (although the main product page still reflects 29 March). In hoping that 19 February is correct, I'd like to say "Wooooohooooo! (Note that this is a US order.)

    Fair winds and following seas to all.

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