CSL Elite PS4 Wheel Base Cracked:

I recently purchased my setup on Dec 20: CSL Elite PS4 starter kit, Load Cell Kit, Seq Shifter, and E Brake and noticed there was some play in the base during gaming a few days ago.

I inspected the wheel base and sure enough found out that it cracked (I did a few days worth of research and seems to be a common issue with this setup).

I've already opened up a ticket with Fanatec and have heard they have good customer service, so I am not worried about that.

My question is, is there a known solution to prevent the base on the CSL Elite steering wheel from cracking? (I've already bought the club sport universal QR with the Rally/Drift wheel so only looking for constructive feedback).

I just want to know if someone has come up with a solution because I would expect it to crack again after it is fixed.


  • Never heard of that happening before.

  • When you say the wheel base you mean the wheel base or the simplified QR on the back of the CSL steering wheel?

  • Here are pictures for reference, I searched the internet and found that a good amount of people had this same problem with the P1 wheel and the recommendation, 9 times out of 10, was to buy the QR (I have a clubsport universal QR on order).

    Fanatec support has already responded to my claim and are making it right, so great customer support. But, I'm hesitant to use the wheel again in fear of this happening again. It seems that the material of the back plate is a weak point in design (I've had the setup for less than two weeks) .

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  • Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any real way to stop it from happening again. I have seen other people get another band similar to the one already on it, maybe like a worm gear band? Kinda chincy I know. But even with adding that, I agree with you that the plastic/material at that spot is weak. Hit or miss at the best. I think that’s why they said they went to the new Simplified Quick Release.

  • I'm thinking of dialing the FF back to 50 - 60 to see how that works, I have friends who are really good with CAD as well so I might even go the route of scanning the backplate and making my own out of aluminum. But, I think dialing back the settings on the wheel and in game should suffice until I get the ClubSport universal QR in.

  • Yea, that should do the job, hopefully it isn’t too light of FFB for details. I know each person has completely different likes to the feel of the steering. I know I do like some force and weight in the wheel, but I can be just as pleased with the slightest resistance and vibrations accompanied with detail. Hell, I’ve grown up only using a controller with little rumbles at most. Getting off topic, sorry. Anyway, kind of a bummer that the lowest tier steering wheel isn’t up to withstanding the lowest tier wheel base. Although, at least the “lowest tier” wheel base is pretty stout. Don’t be a stranger if you get some progress with that CAD, that could open doors.

  • Will do, I think it would be a fun project to work on.

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