Clubsport 2.5 heavy oversteer

Hi all,

i recently upgraded to the Clubsport 2.5 wheelbase and pedals. I am using it on a brand new pc with nvidia 3070.

The wheel feels nice and robust but unfortunately in game i get heavy oversteer no matter what.

When the car starts sliding even a little bit it escalades to a full one eighty. First i thought it was an ingame software issue because some games do not support wheels very well, but nope same thing occurs to beamng, forza franchise, assetto corsa, etc.

I started from the default settings which did not work for me and tried almost anything, (more than a month now), multiple wheel rotations, ffb effects, nothing works.

I will try to explain what happens, when the back starts to slide, even if i opposite lock countersteer, the car continues to slide until it stops on a wall mostly.

I am using the latest fanatec driver and i am open on suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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