Unacceptable Behavior of Fanatec Support

I want to share you guy how the support work in case of trouble.

I know that Fanatec are probably the best equipment out now but you have to cross your finger to not have any interaction with the support team.

I ask a question to support team because I have a doubt regarding wheelbase and pedal RJ11 connection.

After viewing the video I sent them they told me that one of the two devices was defective.

After the checking the device they understood that there was not issue and they wrongly declare my product broken. After last Saturday, when they stated that my device was OK, I still not have any communication regarding when my devices will be shipped back.

My concern are not about that support wrongly declare the product broken because error could happen.

I think that is unacceptable that for that kind of price I paid, more than, 1700 euro, that I can't use my device because support team is hiding behind delays caused by global pandemic. Use the same packing and ship back the products is matter of minutes.

You guys usually remarks that quality is what you're looking for, but support in case of needs must be on the same level if you ask that kind of price.



  • "support team is hiding behind delays caused by global pandemic"

    Why do you think that these delays are not real?

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    Because send a parcel it's just a matter on minutes?

    Because they are oblige, as fast as they get our money, to solve the issue on their product?

    Ok about the pandemic delay that are everywhere but they are no a company with one or two employers, they should react a get a support at least acceptable.

    Furthermore, from a company that during last black Friday sent in a couple of hours thousand of 500 euros wheelbases, I can't accept that can better react to speed up neither support email reaction.

    Have you tried to get an answer from the support team? It takes one or two business day for a single reply. Never I got an answer during the same days of my reply. Does it looks like acceptable for you? Answer to an email is affected by global pandemic? I, as million of people in the works, works form home. Don't you have smartworking on Fanatec? Answer an Email can be done everywhere in couple of minutes. It's just a matter of how many care you have versus your customers

    By the way I want my devices back since I have already PAYED for it. Just to underline my device are on "warranty" due to an evaluation error from the support team.

    Do I need a layer to have it back?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Raffaele,

    It is true that it is taking approximately two working days between messages at the moment. This is something we'd like to improve, but that is the current situation, and it is the same for all customers. We do not prioritise the messaging queue unless there are exceptional circumstances. I have looked into your case, and while I understand that you are eager to receive your products back, the order of events so far seem to be standard procedure, and the additional few days of delay (compared to an ideal turnaround) is simply a result of the heavy demand on the support and customer service departments.

    I'm sure this will be resolved soon.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    Hi Dom,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It must be clear that my goal is to have my stuff back.

    But usually when a good company, as you are, do not meet an acceptable level of service at least proposes refund to customers.

    We are speaking about thousands of euros not few bucks.

    In my case, It's simply matter of pack back and ship, even with same box, as they are arrived.

    Seems not a big deal...

    Anyway thanks it's look like you are the only ones that answer to people


  • I just ask for a refund to PayPal.

    Items received defective the 12 of December.

    Sent back and received the 28 December. Aknolodge as defective the 30 of December.

    Then the dark.


    Just a stupid email that they have ordered for me a new one 15 days ago but nothing show up and nothing is showing up even in my products or order. I will have my money back soon.

  • Bro I've only been waiting 6 days for mine to just ship out.... and I live only an hour from the actual warehouse lol

  • Embarrassing and obviously you paid as shipped at thousand of kilometers. 😔

    On my device, It just a matter of recycling the box I sent them, put some tape and a label. I don't want to be repetitive but my devices are on support because they told me they was defective when they wasn't.

    no words...

    I'd like to show what they write in "about us":

    Support: Customer satisfaction is not only our support team’s highest priority, but ranks among the highest within our entire organization as well. We not only see solving any questions which may arise with regard to our complex products as our obligation but as a chance for us to effectively improve in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

    NO ONE of these words have been applied in reality. NO ONE!!!!!

    Was thinking for an upgrade of the pedals with damper kit and and handbrake but now I know where do not spend my money.

    Before this experience I had advised friends to move to Fanatec now I will be able to advise them on what to stay away from ...

    It's gaming stuff, I know, there's a lot more things more important in life but when we start to speak about thousand of euro, game device or not, I demand a respectful treatment or an adequate compensation.


  • I think a lot of it really is that they are a relatively small company, and with the recent surge in popularity they are struggling to keep up with the demand so I believe a lot of this backup is them just not having stock. And I'm fine with that as long as they say that lol if they say hey we are backed up because we are backorder on stock and need to catch up. okay cool ill wait a little while before ordering, but this just makes me want to buy Fanatec shit on eBay used and just taking money away from the company because this is insane.

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    Just few examples during pandemic 2020 in Europe

    Ordered cockpit from SimLab .. got it in 10 days. Had issues with missing parts .. emailed them, received reply same day. During the build had one more issue .. again emailed them, received reply same day and replacement part in one week!

    Another example - Ordered Heusinkveld pedals .. received them in one week. Later had some issue with one of the dampers, Emailed them and received reply same day... and replacement damper also within a week.

    Are Heusinkveld or SimLab bigger companies? How they are able to justify their prices and not disappoint me when I need support?

    When I had issues with Fanatec usually it is solved, but it is always so painful and waiting for reply.

    And to Fanatec guys - this pandemic situation is for almost one year.. Last year I remember reading somewhere here in forum that you said that personnel is going to be hired and so on ... wtf it is almost year later I read that the situation is the same.

    I usually do not write negatives when I am not directly affected, but this "pandemic" excuse is getting worn already .. I hope you Fanatec really do what is necessary to get up your rating among customers, because as Raffaele said these are not just a few bucks.

  • Example in North America December 2020

    Ordered a Buttkicker from Guitammer on Dec 10th, they confirmed order on 11th in AM , received tracking info email 11th in PM, email notification of duties to be paid on 14th (in Canada), paid online on 14th, package delivered to front door on the 15th with 3 hr delivery notification prior.

    Amazingly this also occurred during a pandemic (possibly the same one causing continuous unresolved customer service issues at Fanatec).

    Totally agree with Georgi, the Fanatec excuse list is getting old and predictable, it is a systemic failure of the organization and their leadership.

    I realize the CEO Thomas is a really cool gamer type of guy, which is great inspiration for their products, but maybe he should consider hiring a really cool CEO type of guy in order to provide a better customer purchasing experience, its not rocket science.

    "Support: Customer satisfaction is not only our support team’s highest priority, but ranks among the highest within our entire organization as well. We not only see solving any questions which may arise with regard to our complex products as our obligation but as a chance for us to effectively improve in accordance with the wishes of our customers."

    Actions speak louder than words .... your customers wish you could provide better service.

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    On the other hand, with this kind of horrible customer service and support, new orders keep coming in and they still sold out everything they made, why do they need to spend money to hire more support people to improve? There is no incentive.

  • It’s hard to quantify lost growth potential, but that’s exactly the long-term penalty for atrocious customer service. The fact that they can grow and sustain as it stands now is a testament to the quality of the product. It sells itself. If they had high-level (or even moderately pleasant) customer service, they would skyrocket and I’d be on the lookout for an IPO.

  • What is perplexing is that by now, this situation cannot be considered new, and they are in the splendid situation of having increased their balance sheet unlike almost all the companies that have had a loss ...

    Finally they wrote me that they had sent my components. Fingers crossed that thanks to the quality of the products should never cross the support again.

    It's a shame to have plenty of people complain about support. If you have a bad product it could take age and money to be back in good condition.

    For support, at least of what I saw in my experience here, could be just a matter of few new guys in the Wearhouse. Close to a week to stick a label on a parcel already available and packed is unacceptable.



  • you all need to get your shit in order. theres no excuse in taking a week to ship out an order...... virus or not

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