Warranty start the day of purchase????

This one is a replacement that they have not even processing one on a faulty item but surprised the warranty is already 10 days going.

I don't know guys, beside I am not getting this item since a month now, ( I have shipped back the faulty one in December) the warranty is already in place.

I have no word. Honestly


  • It's a Display issue on the Website.

    Warranty of a new purchased product always starts the Day it was shipped.

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    My warranty started the day the order changed to "processed" and then the products sat in California for 33 days before I received them all finally after 54 days. So as has been made clear by many others on this forum "order processed" does not mean shipped, it means your credit card has been charged, a label was created, and your warranty started. Packages can sit at Suddath for extended periods of time while your warranty clock is ticking. BTW my order was last June so shipping issues are not a new issue for Fanatec, they are unable to handle any increased demand for their products and provide poor customer service and communication.

  • From https://fanatec.com/us-en/terms-conditions



    ENDOR AMERICA LLC, 8200 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211. U.S.A. guarantees that the purchased good were free of material and manufacturing flaws and that they have the guaranteed quality as described in the contract. Upon receipt, the customer must inspect the goods immediately for flaws, condition and/or quality. Any blatant flaws must be reported to us, in writing, within 10 days of their discovery the same is valid for any latent defects. Otherwise, the warranty for these defects is no longer applicable. The warranty is for 12 months after shipment.

    With complaints, the purchase date must be proven with a bill. The article being complained about with full accessories together with an exact description of the error must be sent in together with a copy of the delivery receipt in the original packaging with suitable outer packaging, with sufficient postage paid. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty expires if the customer changes the goods delivered. With defects which are the fault of the buyer because of improper handling, the buyer is committed to carry all resulting subsequent improvement and transport costs. ENDOR AMERICA LLC has the right to subsequent improvement free of charge during the warranty period. A partial or complete exchange of the article is admissible. If flaws are not corrected within a sufficient period of time, the buyer has a right to conversion or a reduction of the purchase price. § 476a BGB (German Civil Code) is valid.


    It clearly states, The warranty is for 12 months after shipment.

  • I received tracking 2 days ago and it has been sitting at shipping label created. This seems slow even for covid. This is normal for Fanatec?

  • It should clearly state warranty is for 12 months after "order processed and credit card charged" which is their actual business practice. Shipping occurs in some cases after extended delays from the processing of the order even on in stock available items.

    But good news we apparently have protection of the German Civil Code § 476a BGB in North America.

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    No. Warranty in Europe is from date of delivery, not the date of shipment. The customer has no need for a warranty on an item they are not in possession of. Until the goods are safely delivered they are the responsibility of the seller. Fanatec get this right in their T&C even if they seem unaware that it is their terms sometimes.

    7.2 For consumers the limitation period regarding warranty claims for used goods shall be one year from delivery of goods to the Client except for the restrictions in the following section.

  • Doesnt change the fact that the date provided on the Website is actual wrong because of a Website issue.

  • No. But still worth giving people accurate information in the forum rather than compounding existing errors with more errors. That isn't helpful.

  • OK sorry that I also can be wrong on certain things ;)

  • Sabrina responded on September 2nd, 22 days after I sent my warranty adjustment request through a customer account form as per their recommended procedure. So 22 days for this response to my request.

    5/29/2020, was the date my order was processed, is was shipped 33 days later, and I received it after 54 days. Website warranty date is 5/29/2020.

    This is absolutely accurate information on my personal experience which differs from the confusing and inaccurate information communicated to customers by Fanatec. I agree warranty should start from the delivery date, that is my expectation, your car warranty doesn't start the day you order a new one, unless you drive it off the lot the same day. However that seems to differ from their communicated business practice. So they need to correct one or the other. Based on their response to me they need to change the text on the website to indicate warranty starts when the order is processed, which is the current business practice. I am not saying I agree that is the best business practice.

    If they cared about customer service, the warranty would start when the customer receives the product and registers the serial numbers to their personal account. Customers have to do this anyway, so once registered the customers warranty date should update accordingly. That is al I was asking for and surprised it did not happen automatically when I registered it on the site.

    If the excuse is a "website issue", does the company actually care about resolving this issue for customers? Does not seem to be the case based on their response and lack of subsequent action to correct. Fanatec believe an excuse is a valid solution for customer issues.

    How would I wish they had responded.

    Hello Jeff,

    We have received your warranty adjustment request, sorry for the long delay in responding. The warranty date on your account has been corrected, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    We appreciate you choosing Fanatec and hope you enjoy your new gear and recommend us to your sim racing friends.

    Best Regards,


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