VAT/customs fee

So I bought the CSL Paid £482

£170 government charge and £10 UPS charge

how am I being charged £170 on £482 even if it’s VAT that’s only 20% so no where near the £170

plus the bundle says VAT included so have I been charged VAT in Germany and now in the Uk ?

have fanatec inflated the price of goods for insurance if was lost stolen damaged ?



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    Welcome to the Brexit.

    For the extra cost customs charged, you need to check with them they should have specified what all the costs are. Part is VAT and sometimes you need to pay more for other things. But check that info with UK Customs in what they have specified.

    If you ordered before 1 January 2021 Fanatec maybe has charged also VAT you can check that on your order. If you ordered after this date Fanatec shouldn’t have charged VAT you can also check that on you order. In the first case best is to contact Fanatec what they can do. In the second case you only payed VAT once and that is to UK Customs.

    The site is an German website so at first it doesn’t know you want to ship to the UK and applies German VAT. Only at checkout after filling in your address it will know you are from the UK and it will change your basket to not include VAT. A Porsche 918 wheel normally cost €399 but with a UK address you only pay €336.

  • Update UPS have opened a despite case as there is no VAT to pay but the government charge is wayyy too high. Either they being naughty and saying the items are worth way more than what they said to me for insurance purposes.

  • Where did you get your VAT charge. My CSL Elite has been held in a Warehouse by UPS for a week and I've had no customs information. If your £482 came to £170, I'm dreading what mine will come to

  • Pasqual expleined it to you perfectly and still continue to insist or think that fanatec robbed you and that is not a UK issue.

    Before start allegations better ask for a breakdown on what the government charges.

    As a 3rd country out side EU you should be charged

    Import duty: Add the % the UK has electronics

    VAT on invoice value:

    VAT on shipping/freight: Some countries charge VAT on shipping/freight as well.

    And of course carrier (UPS in your case): Handling fee for the custom formalities.

  • They haven’t paid the import fees and left it all to me even though Iv paid for shipping... I only ordered a week ago I am going to cancel this order not once did it say on my order I will have to pay more

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    That is normal since the UK is not part of the EU anymore.

    If you ordered a week ago you did not pay any VAT to Fanatec. Paying for shipping is not the same as paying VAT and/or import fees. If you paid VAT to Fanatec you would have paid closer to 600 £ already to Fanatec.

    Thank your Government that you now have to pay VAT afterwards for everything you are importing/ordering from in the EU. It also makes you are self responsible for paying import duties and VAT when importing. Fanatec isn’t responsible anymore because UK is not part of the EU anymore. Thats also why you didn’t pay any VAT during checkout and the products looked cheaper.

    I have to deal with the same if I order in the UK. I now also have to pay VAT and import duties to customs when I’m importing stuf from UK to NL.

  • I sort of get that now, so Iv paid a absolute steal but if we was in EU then I’d have paid more... shame about this as it’s going to be absolute awful for UK

  • You need to ask UPS if they can specify or explain the charges.

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    I looked into this and basically you should get a refund of German VAT if paid (I believe 19% according to another forum). You should then be charged 20% UK VAT plus the UPS charge.


    Cost €119 (inc VAT as per the Fanatec website)

    Cost to you €100 (€19 refund from German VAT)

    €100 == £89 (exchange varies)

    New VAT charge £17.80 (20% of £89)

    So total cost of charges would be £27.80 (including £10 UPS fee)

    Conclusion if you have paid £482 (after Fanatec have refunded you the German VAT, if paid) then you should be paying around £96.40 in VAT plus £10 UPS fee.

  • Also people need to be aware it's not always a bad thing. Some EU countries charge crazy VAT rates so depending on the price of the item you would actually save money even with UPS fee. There is no government import fee for goods from the EU under the trade agreement. You just need to pay your countries VAT rate and not another. In reality you can argue this is better for the UK economy in your case as the UK get your taxes. Same can be said for people from the EU purchasing from the UK, their country gets their VAT contribution.

  • Most are in the 19-23% range so not a huge difference. Hungary is the highest at 27%, it's an outlier and still hardly a crazy rate and how many people import sim gear from Hungary? Also there are 2.5% import duties from EU on certain items into the UK - the trade deal does not waive them all. And of course EU member states get their share of VAT back, it doesn't just disappear. Include the increased cost of shipping into the equation and I struggle to see how people can think this is beneficial for the UK.

  • No man. Why you had to be so to the point... You are spoiling it for the others. It is never UPS or Covid... All these are lies... Problem is the bad Fanatec. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Um, my rather lengthy post just disappeared?

  • Did you try more than once in mobile very close with another edit?

    Happened to me quite a few times. It must be a bug and briefly before disappearing it shows on the bottom that post pending to be approved.

    Have reported it but seems that it still happening.

    Pity because your post (that I have replied you above, was spot on and reflecting the situation 😥

  • Yup, I tried to edit to correct a typo (via browser)

    On the + side got a nitification from UPS today that my time has made it to the UK, is currently in Croydon and expected delivery is tomorrow.

  • How is it not beneficial to the UK? The delivery charge is the same as before and as for import cost for Fanatec goods it's 20% so 1% more and that cost is only for the user, the full 20% goes into the UK pocket where before 0% did :-S. Any country that is a net contributor to the EU loses more fact. But you can have your say and I will stick to the facts.

  • Your 'facts' are not facts - they are misconceptions.

    You misunderstand how VAT is dealt with between EU states - it is actually charged at the rate applicable in the customer's country and then transferred - EU companies declare export VAT in their returns so that the appropriate VAT is distributed to applicable states.

    Fanatec, like all other EU companies, need to charge EU purchasers the VAT rate applicable in the customers country as I explained above - they previously charged UK customers at sale 20%, not 19% like you claim - the latter is the figure for German customers. Now they charge no VAT at sale to UK customers and it is payable at import -on the full cost including shipping - plus the couriers fees.

    This is not simply my opinion - these are actually the facts, you are free to check them. Your argument regarding net contributors being losers is rather simplified. Before making judgment on this it's important to consider all factors - including free access across markets plus many other factors that I fear would be beyond your understanding.

  • My F V2 arrived today! YAY!

    NOTE: If you pay the duty over the phone to UPS make sure you have the auth code for the delivery driver. He will not release the item until he has it. Their system is incapable of indicting that it's been paid 🤔

    Now to map all those buttons.

  • Some times I admire your patience. Exactly the above misconceptions and the view that the OP has above is what made the voters to choose yes.

    Not even one considered the free access across the markets nor that they were in better position than any other EU country by having their own currency instead of Euro (which historically was stronger), or that they will have to pay import charges (not talking about VAT) in some goods nor the free passage without having to deal with temporary exports (in example the racing cars now that have to go and race in any other country have to open a carnet de passages, which means you have to pay the value of the car as guarantee before leaving the country and collect it back when the cars are back in UK), or if you bought something outside UK to sent something back for repair you will have to deal again with bureaucracy in customs (repair and return) and lot more examples.

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    The VAT rate applied by the seller depends principally on the distance sales thresholds for intra-EU Business to Consumer (B2C) supplies of goods. They are determined by the Member State of destination (€ 35 000 or € 100 000). A seller has to check the total amount (without VAT) of distance sales in any one calendar year and also in the previous one:

    • if that amount is lower than the threshold adopted by the Member State of destination, the seller can apply the VAT rate of the Member State from which the goods are sent;
    • if that amount is higher than the threshold approved by the Member State of destination, the seller can apply the VAT rate of the Member State into which the goods are sent.

    I have purchased like many goods from the EU and paid in € and have only ever paid the countries origins VAT. Go Pro 5 was one a few years back.

    PS if they charge the UK rate, well in that case it makes it even less expensive to buy from Fanatec after Brexit than originally thought no? Means I only pay £10~ extra, not really bad considering.

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    The key word of what you wrote above is "can".... It was leaving the choice to the suppliers.

    Anyway.... Now you are buying without VAT being applied and you have to pay it by yourself (through the courier company) together with any other costs there might be there by the British law. Now if it is for better or worse. Only time will tell. 😉

  • How much in the end did you have to pay if you don't mind me asking?

  • Check your previous Fanatec invoices and report back on the percentage VAT that was applied. :-)

    Your claim that it is now less expenive to buy from Fanatec than originally thought makes no sense. It now costs more than it did pre Brexit. You are happy with that which is fine, I don't deny you that opinion. Others aren't. They are put off buying now due to the increased delays and the uncertainty of what their final landed price will be.

    Many couriers and sellers and couriers are also not keen and are taking a while to adapt. For sellers, it means new paperwork that they have no previous experience with, and mistakes are happening, leading to further shipping delays. Couriers are finding this a royal pain and many are already increasing shipping costs and reviewing their fees with some moving to charge a percentage of the cost as a handling fee rather than the previous fixed charge; I know DHL now charge a 2.5% fee on the total cost rather than the £11 they charged previously. Some EU sellers have decided it's just too much hassle and will no longer ship to the UK. Doesn't seem better to me. Others can have their own opinion.

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    Fact: My post Brexit Fanatec order was £10.50 more expensive than the orders placed last year.

    On the post Brexit order, the VAT was not charged but Fanatec @ checkout. The VAT was then collected by UPS on behalf of HMG Rev and Customs and for that I was charged an additional £10.50 by UPS.

  • This is actually really helpful as I can't imagine there are many people who have bought exactly the same thing both pre and post brexit from Fanatec.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing details I'm sure others would appreciate the assurance that shipping costs remain unchanged and that UPS minimum handling fee is lower than others including myself thought was the case. I've seen claims including on UPS website of a minimum £11.50 charge - think the minimum I have been charged is £14 although those were US orders. Was your order over £135? I've seen conflicting claims of duty being charged - although nobody including the couriers and HMRC seems exactly sure when this is applicable - a few stories in the UK press about this today as people start being hit with unexpected fees.

  • How long was the delay with UPS holding the item? What information did UPS have to get from Fanatec to release the parcel to you? I have waited 4 days now and I have still had no contact from Fanatec at all. The customer service seems to be a disgrace from where I am sitting.

  • I placed my order on the 5 January, it was dispatched by Fanatec on the 9th. I paid the Duty on the 15th. It was still in Germany on the 19th and was delivered yesterday afternoon (20th).

  • Sorry, I did have a very long post detailing it, but it disappeared when I tried to edit a typo 😖

    I bought the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2. I was charge €310.88 (no VAT) + €17.49 Shipping - came to £306.27 on my Credit card charge.

    UPS Duty + fees I was charged £72.04, of which £10.50 was their fee, the rest was the vat at ~20% (slight discrepancy due to exchange rates).

    Total cost to me £ 387.31

  • Splitting hairs here but you are missing the fee that your credit card charged for the currency conversion. That must have been about £17 ish. You wouldn't pay VAT on that of course - VAT is based on the purchase price including shipping prior to the credit card conversion charge which is actually about £291- slight variation possible based on the rate on the day. Which would mean the fee was more in line with what others have had - someone above posted a screen shot of their £11.50 charge.

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