The COVID excuse is not working for me any longer.

As many of you, I ordered my equipment on Jan 10th after seeing everything was "in stock". The ordered was "processed" in a couple days. I am now in shipment purgatory as many others. Just stuck in "order processed" since. Inquiring, you get the old COVID boiler plate response with NO real information regarding your order. They should be honest up front and say your order is going to take 4-6 weeks before you place your order. I would be cool with knowing up front. The misleading "in stock" means nothing.

Shame on FANATEC. Most businesses would not last long with your methods. Looking forward to your bad business practices creating more competition for you making you less attractive. Hopefully someone in the U.S.

Really, is this the first impression you want to leave new customers?

If you ever do actually ship and I receive my order, I am seriously considering sending it straight back. Hopefully your customers will start reporting you to the Better Business Bureau her in the US.

Gotta love CHINA.



  • If they wanted shipments going out to customers in a timely manner, they would do it. They don’t, and here’s why:

    1 they’re lazy and just don’t feel like it (can’t argue that one! Your business is weeks behind on orders and you opt to close for over a week at New Years?!?! This was a perfect opportunity to get caught up. My company would be in there working 10 hour days until we got orders all reasonably caught up! Plain lazy - unwilling to put in the time it would require to get caught up. This can be compounded by the CEO being a cheapskate and not hiring enough people to handle the volume by processing orders, warranty claims, tech support, you name it!! You need more people working longer hours until things are flowing smoothly.

    2 they dont have anything!!!! Their shelves are as empty and barren as a college dorm cupboard. They process your payment INSTANTLY (new light speed transaction world record) and then embark on what I can only describe as a sleazy “boat tour” at Disney World with no exhibits anywhere to be seen except for a forest of scripted, formulaic lies which point fingers at every astrophysical thing that isn’t Fanatec, and accuses it of being way behind because of these unprecedented times.

    it seems like they’re taking orders and collecting payment on product that they have on/order themselves

  • Seems like Trump has found a new hobby to occupy his imminent free time.

  • I'm in this same limbo dance! Order placed on 6th Jan (uk) , I got given tracking numbers on the 12th (which I had to request as no updates were provided by fanatec). UPS tells me delivery scheduled for yesterday 18/01/21 between certain hours and it was in transit! (which I took a day off for, losing a days pay) and guess what.......still no products at my door. I can now see 1 of the 2 packages status is 'clearance information required'.

    Fanatec you have my money! My contract is with you. Please get you customer service in gear and get back to people. Over reacting or not, if somebody took a lot of money out of your account and delivered nothing I think you would start getting a little twitchy. I feel like I am being mugged off. Im actually really dissapointed that I allowed these youtube nobodys trick me into thinking that fanatec was the right route to go. Note to self, I will always do deeper research in future, as this forum represents and absolute 'horror show' of customer service. Youtube affiliates you should include customer service/delivery in your reviews.

    If the goods ever show up, I hope they will be able to change the opinion I am left with of Fanatec right now. Its just poor.

  • UPS will require payment of VAT and fees prior to delivery.

  • Funny because I ordered all my stuff on the black friday event and I had it in hand within a week. I was quite impressed.

  • Hmmmm. If you are in UK.... NO.... UPS is clearing customs and charges you, or in some countries they sent you the link to clear the customs online by yourself. Not sure how you clear the customs and pay duties nowadays in UK.

    Dont forget to thank the voters of BREXIT for that. ;)

  • If this is the case why hasn't Fanatec communicated such charge or how to go about paying for it? Has anyone else in the UK had this issue post brexit.

  • I order on the 30 december and i have no tracking number and no news.

    i wrote to fanatec and they told me that the package as been send on the 7 jan

    im very disapointed


  • You will have paid Fanatec the item price net of German VAT. It is your responsibility to pay UK VAT. This isn't unique to Fanatec - it applies to everything imported into UK from EU since January 1st. This shouldn't be news to you - Brexit innit?

  • Really doesn't make sense how 1 of my packages is 'in transit' though. Delivery date 18/01/21 between 10:30am and 02:30pm., and when I log onto UPS it mentions nothing about making a payment for any of the 2 consignments to me.

  • Yes it does. That's what 'clearance information required' refers to.

  • OK you seem to be in the know, whats my next step then? Nothing on UPS about payment. This is utter bull sh......, At least you are replying which is more than the people at Fanatec seem to do!!!

  • Depends if you have an account with UPS or not. I'm presuming not, if you had they would have invoiced you electronically for the VAT. If not you will receive a letter with payment information in the next few days. Will be 20% VAT on the total price you paid Fanatec (item and shipping) plus a handling fee which I think is £14.

  • I will wait to see if anything comes in the post then as I do have a UPS account and I cannot find any bills/invoices that require payment.

  • I ordered on 12/22/2020 a csw 2.5+ v3 pedal + csl wrc steering wheel. I had the chance to receive all the material in 8 days in France.

    I have an order in process for a mclaren v2 steering wheel which will be available from February 12th, we will see how it goes.

    I must say that reading to all of you, I feel like I was incredibly lucky.

    I know that this is a critical time for all companies which are interdependent in many ways and I wanted to thank Fanatec and UPS for the quick and unexpected delivery of my order.

    I think it is also good to know that i could only have access to the tracking numbers on PC but never on the phone.

    Good luck to everyone, hope you all can quickly enjoy your stuff.

  • Call UPS, give them the AWB numbers and ask them since you are the receiver.

  • The shipment value is missing from the invoice and is required for clearance. We're working to obtain this information.

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    Typical courier services....

    They are collecting supporting documents together with parcels such as invoices etc.

    Most probably the packages got separated during handling / transit and one parcel has been left without the invoice copy. Speak again with UPS and tell them that you have the invoice (I guess you have it under your account or in an email) and ask ups for an email of the person in charge handling your AWB so you can sent it to them. POINT OUT THAT IS A COLLECTIVE INVOICE FOR ALL PACKAGES AND ALL AWBs. Because courier companies AND customs are so "tick the box without thinking" that they might think that the invoice is only for the 1 package stuck there and end up paying more. Yes it doesn't make any sense but they are freaking idiots....

  • There is supposedly a FANATEC warehouse in the US in CA. Every major US company is shipping UPS, FEDEX, and even the USPS without delay unless severe weather. FEDEX US isn't even showing COVID delays any longer. Unfortunately, the world including the US has sold out to CHINA over the years for the love of profit while CHINA uses the worlds money to build its military. German engineering doesn't mean sqat when it's built in CHINA.

  • Haha you just cant write it. Why should I spend hours of my time chasing something? its ridiculous. I have spent over 1k on goods!! What a service. Fanatec should been keen to support. If they can't provide a service because they are still not able to adapt to a world that we have all been living with for the past year maybe they should limit their service completely. Blame covid, Blame brexit, Blame UPS. I dont see how any of this falls into my lap!

  • Finally got through to someone in UPS. My products still sit in Germany, they are still together and its Fanatec who need to sort it as they have messed something up in the paperwork. So come on customer service sort yourselfs out!

  • Well is your stuff. If you dont want to spent time then leave it up to fanatec. Eventually at some point they will sort it out. 🤣

  • They are bullsitting you on where the package is but anyway. UPS, fedex, DHL and othe courrier services apply to the receiving point customs in advance before the stuff arrives. In the mean time they dont keep them there. They are shipping them even if documents are not fully cleared or something missing. No space and charges occur to them.

    anyway. Sent an email to fanatec and give them the info you received. If I was you I would work both sides.

    Did they tell you what the missing paper is.

    in the previous you mentioned the invoice and that 1 of the 2 was only stuck while now they told you both stuck and that in general “A” paper is missing without telling you which paper. 😉

    Dont be surprised if something changes overnight and is out of delivery all of a sudden... UPS has remained the usual UPS. Bored to do anything to help and only providing same shitty info that you can read in their website updates. (Like all the courrier companies except DHL express).

  • For what its worth, I am in So Cal. Ordered stuff dec 14 and received Dec 22nd. Ordered something Dec 23rd and got it Jan 16th. In both cases, they came from La Mirada in So Cal and a previous post is correct - "Don't be surprised id something happens and the product is at your door. Hope that provides some solice. Shipping is clearly an issue.

  • Will see what happens. Thanks for the responses. Doesn’t change my situation but I will have to apply a little more patience, and hopefully a response from fanatecs customer service. Whenever that might be.

  • I am in the UK.

    Ordered on the 5th Jan, dispatched 12th Jan and still not received anything.

    UPS tracking says 3 parcels made it to their hub in Germany. One has since made it to the UK but the Germany ones appear to need a "commercial invoice" from Fanatec. Obviously I have tried many ways to chase this with Fanatec (instagram, twitter & facebook) including emailing them but nothing., not that i expected from reading the stuff on here.

    UPS seem to think they are delivering them tomorrow but I cannot see that will happen. I have not even paid the new VAT / Duties and stuff which I dont care about paying, i just want my goods!!!

  • Update:

    Parcel due for delivery tomorrow has been delivered today, no bill for VAT received yet. I now have a steering wheel and no base. The wheel feels and looks a quality bit of kit.

    Parcels due for delivery today appear to be being delivered tomorrow but that's not confirmed as yet. I hope they come tomrrow as a wheel and no base is a ornament!

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