Unable to complete order.

I have been trying to place an order all morning and everytime I click complete payment I get sent to a screen saying Oops! An error has occurred! I have already sent in a support ticket but it seems like a response could take 2-3 days. Just wondering if anyone here has run into this issue and if it's something I can fix on my end.


  • i am having the same problem two days now .....want to order this csl elite f1 asap

  • help support team please fix.....

  • I also can't order anything, when i click complete payment i get white screen and then nothing......i use paypal.....anyone else who has this?

  • Try using a different email address if you have one

  • J’ai le même problème sur le site Europe quel que soit le moyen de paiement... on arrive pas jusqu’au paiement !

  • Oups ! Une erreur est survenue !

    Nous avons déjà été informés du problème et nous efforçons de trouver une solution, veuillez réessayer dans quelques instants.

  • Been trying to order for a few days now - switching to PayPal doesn't work. All other payments don't work. Other email doesn't work. Sometimes the page goes to their 404 but mostly it just goes to "Oops! Something went wrong try again later."

    Is anybody able to place orders? @Fanatec Support, do you know about this? Any updates? Located in the US if it makes any difference but looks like Europe also struggling to order.

  • I am receiving the same "Oops! An error has occurred!" message. I've tried clearing my cart, logging out, etc. No luck..

  • Same here. I tried creating a new account but no dice. Seems to be an issue with Adyen for processing payments. Seems like a pretty big deal. Surprised they are so quiet. I messaged on Facebook and Twitter, but nothing. Just silence. Now I am double thinking my DD2 purchase.

  • Well now its 6am in Germany so hopefully somebody will get up and realize their entire website has been borked for hours..

  • Same here. Not able to order.

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    Answer from Facebook... may be a joke...

  • Hey Guys & Girls Wow - really having a problem trying to get payments through - with or without the CSL DD VISA or PayPal - "payment refused" or "Unable to load " messages all the time. Really frustrating. Can anyone help?

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