notchy feeling in my CSW 2.5 wheel

I run the NASCAR circuit in iracing, and I get a notchy feeling (feels like a belt slipping into a grooves) in the center of the steering wheel. The longer the straightaway is the worse the notchy feeling get. When I come to a stop, you can still feel it slightly turning the wheel a few degrees in each direction from center. If I quickly steer the wheel back and forth several times past the notchy sensation, it's just about goes away, till I start racing again.

I did update the driver and firmware last night. I don't get the notchy sensation as much if I turn down the FFB, but then I don't get the action I'm looking for. It's a pain trying to go straight, (click I go slight to the left, click I go slightly to the right). Any help in resolving this would be great.


  • It could be an issue with the wheel, but also of the game. It would help if you could test with a different game (demo).

  • I have the same issue your are describing and I have yet to figure out a solution. Someone please let me know if they find a solution.


    the base make this sound ?

  • I haven't been able to try a different game yet. No sounds from the wheelbase. Everything works great except this notchiness while driving. However, I have now noticed more that this notchy feeling is also there when I turn the wheel to go around a corner. I just raced at Daytona and the Daytona road course and I had a heck of time getting around the large sweeping turns of the high banks. It locks in what feels like a groove or cog, and I have to fight it to move the wheel. When i'm sitting at idle I can work the notchiness out, till racing again. This is so frustrating. I am currently running an older driver. I saw a thread somewhere about trying v346 driver. I will give that a try tonight if I can find it, and I will update here.

  • I've tried a bunch of diferent drivers, F/W's and even reloaded windows and iracing. Nothing has seemed to help with this.

  • Franklin did you find a solution? I've also had this issue and have contacted support.

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    That is exactly what mine is doing. I did try NASCAR Heat 5, and it does not seem to do it in that game. I believe it to be something with the feedback from Iracing, but I can't be 100% sure. I contacted support and they want me to send the wheel base in for them to look at it. The only problem is, I really don't want to be without a wheel for 2 months... :(

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