DD1 glitch with pulling to one side

What happens for me is that the base and wheel (DD1 + formula v2 wheel) function normally without a problem but without a warning I suddenly get a knock and the base turns off all force feedback, all vibration and actuation and just starts to pull to the right, if I fight it, it might start pull to the left until it bottoms out. When that happens the wheel freezes, the rev indicator leds freeze and the mini screen on the wheel either freezes or goes blank.

The DD1 screen functions normally and I am able to access the tuning menu via button on the wheel. Also when this happens all buttons work and I am stil able to shift up and down.

Now the problem is... That this has now happened to two DD1's I tried. Twice to the original I purchased back in August, in raceroom and rfactor2 with a fair amount of time between two occasions and now... after having RMA'd the first one for that reason the replacement one just did the same to me twice in space of an hour... in rfactor2.

Now I'm reluctant to contact technical support because I anticipate them to tell me to send it back to Germany (I currently live in UK) and the last RMA proces with the original DD1 was a massive 2 month long nightmare with lots of mishaps.

Could there be something effecting the DD1 causing these symptoms? Or is there something wrong with them that I don't know about?

Also I should add that this goes away after I restart the base

Here's a video showing what happens after it glitches

P.S It keeps on happening with any drivers and firmware realised since November and it's now happend 3rd time to the replacement DD1


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