CSW V2.5 Force Feedback changed - What to do?

Hi there,

since a few days i had an unspecific impression that the force feedback in games like ACC changed. not masively but noticable. At first i thought there was some play on the the central axle when turning but after further testing that isn't the case - i can still aim preciselly at apexes etc. I also do get a "right" constant force in corners.

It's hard to describe a haptic feeling but with a little more testing it feels like the FF isn't so crispy anymore or little vibrations are damped. Especially when catching a small counter-momentum there seems to be a little wobble which i think wasn't there since i got the wheel.

I checked the ingame ACC settings and the FF settings on the wheel. They didn't changed. I do have the latest firmware on the wheel/HUB and wheelbase.

Does anybody else experienced something like that? Can i try something by myself? For example are there screws which should be tightened once in a while (got the wheelbase around 9 months ago)?


  • okay, further testing with Assetto Corsa (so another simulation then ACC) and the problem seems worse than i first thought and recognized:

    maximum power heavily reduced

    • when i first got the wheelbase i could barely drive the cars i tested today - the forces were so strong that i realy had to hold the wheel very tight and use nearly as much force as i could sustaint.
    • Today i could drove the same car and track very easily with one hand. You had to grab the wheel but no problem at al

    heavily reduced detail on uneven surfaces

    • same car and track as above (Nordschleife in AC) : when i got the wheel the vibration when, for example, driving on the gras / side of the track were so heavy that i could feel them through my rigg and seat and even suspected that the neighbours could hear them.
    • Todays test: you nearly had any vibrations when driving on gras. You only could feel biggers bumps but the surface - not at all

    Both tests were done with FF set to 100% on a) ingame settings and b) fanatec driver settings.

  • Did you do a driver / firmware update recently?

  • nope, the last time i updated the firmware was something around 2 months ago i would guess. But it is still the up to date firmware according to the fanatec firmware manager.

  • when you download any driver, it will always tell you that you're on the latest firmware, because you flashed the latest firmware included with the driver.

    Are you 100% sure you are using:

    1. the same driver on either your PC and the shadow PC?
    2. the exact same settings on the wheel?
    3. the exact same settings ingame?

    Saying you run both systems on 100% FFB doesn't tell us much, as there are much more settings on your wheel than just the pure FFB strength.

  • to 1) What two 2 PCs are you talking about, what do you mean with shadown PC? The PC to which the wheelbase is connected to is the same since 1.5 years and thereforce the same to which i conntected the wheel the very first time and also did the tests with the FF problem in the last days.

    But i did manually install the latest driver 402 today. The firmware for wheelbase and motor still are shown as the most up to date (684 and 22) - so no firmware update necessary/recommended by the Firmware Manager of Fanatec. Repeated some tests afterwards - FF still feels not as it should be, max force is still not even close to when i got the wheelbase.

    to 2) i'am pretty sure they are the same since i did a screenshot of the settings in Fanalab and also made a short video of them on the wheel display

    3) also pretty sure. But the FF feels different in all my simulations/games, not just one (AC, ACC, Dirt Rally 2.0, WRC 9), so even when i changed some settings in one the games without remembering it, it should'nt feel different in all of the games.

  • sorry I mixed some topics with yours about another user using a shadow pc to stream games....

    really strange though.

  • I have noticed the same issue with my wheelbase. I can't say the difference is extreme, but I've noticed I wasn't struggling to hold and control the wheel at maximum settings, both the wheel settings and in-game settings. Same set-up as always, same settings, same games, and up to date drivers.

    At times I've attributed the difference in perceived power from the wheelbase as my getting used to handling it, but I can't shrug off the feeling that it just isn't as strong.

  • Sounds like a different problem to me. The maximum force on my wheelbase is just a shadow of what it used to be, nothing which could be explained by getting used to it or training effects. Also important, that i felt the badening effects while not driving on maxFF settings (more like 60-65%), the max. force test was something a tested after that first recognition.

    The more is drove in the last days the more i notice the difference. No car (Formula, GT, LMP) feels like a race car anymore at all. Every car feels more like a maximum comfortable road car with very soft springs and a little bit loose steering wheel. Road surface is nearly not there anymore.

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