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I have emailed several times, and was told to open a support ticket by clicking "Support" under the "my products" category... but heres my question. Do you just click that box and the support ticket is automatically opened, or do I need to do something else to finalize that step? The reason i am asking is because every time i check back that box is unchecked again, and im not sure they are getting my request, it has been over a week.... This is new to me and any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • You need to do more then only click on the support button and wait.

    You need to click on the support button of all the product that give you a problem. Once you selected all relevante products you click "Proceed" at the bottom of the page.

    Then you need to answer some questions etc like what platform etc, then you will get a FAQ. If you want to send a support you click on "No solution found" and you will be able to send the support request with your message. After that you wait, currently can take a while with something like a week of wait time.

  • I greatly appreciate the feedback my friend. Its like jumping through a flaming hoop to get this crap figured out and get this corrected. Thanks again !!!

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    ...stesso problema, a me dopo tutti i passaggi fatti sul sito Fanatec, non mi invia niente al supporto. (maledetta quella volta che ho acquistato Fanatec). Problemi e problemi. Arrivato nuovo e la pedaliera funziona e non funziona. Cambiata. Ora il volante che non sta' dritto. La leva del cambio che ha perso elasticita' volante che curvando va a saltelli.....prendo tutto e butto nella spazzatura se continua cosi'.

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