Calling all Fanatec Xbox One users: PROOF that additional wheel inputs can be achieved!!!

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Additional wheel inputs are possible on Xbox One - please see the linked post: PROOF of Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working.



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    Additional proof to my original post:

  • Hey, I think you missed a couple of areas when posting these - Off topic and Pedals come to mind.....

    We get your point

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    😂 Sorry - just trying to get the message out...

    Does this issue effect you?

  • No, it doesnt.

    But what do you think happens? Do you think someone only reads one section of the forum?

    We get it. Logitech have made all their buttons work on an xbox. Do you actually think posting this 100 times is going to make the developers reconsider their priorities and get working on this right away?

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    Then you clearly don’t understand how important it is to those who are effected, and you can easily ignore it.

    I posted it 4 times, not 100.

    I’m not sure how people use these boards or which parts they look at - for example I’ve really only looked in the F1 20XX section of the board.

    And clearly it’s not a priority for the developers as this issue has been going on for years, and I don’t expect them to immediately do anything - this is aimed at getting the message to those who are affected.

  • Bro, you opened 4 new topics and you posted in another 9 already active topics and that is only on the 23rd Feb.... This in other Forums would have been considered a spam.

    The people that are responsible for this part IF they are monitoring the forum and IF they are amongst us they can easily read even if one topic is open.

  • he just wants to make sure he gets followers around him to enforce Fanatec to work on it. Nevermind the possible workarounds Logitech might uses to make the LEDs working.

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    Agreed: it’s easy to find IF you are searching for it. Many of those affected have given up on this, given the years it’s been going on for, and may only be looking at limited sections of the board (as I have been).

    That there are 9 active topics on this also tells you people don’t search actively and reply to existing posts - rather they come on and post without looking, and only comment on posts they come across.

    I don’t intend to continue posting and commenting on this, I’ve put it everywhere I see fit and am done.

    Out of interest, if I should only have posted this once, which board should I have posted it to?

  • Man you even posted in the bloq from the launch of the V2 wheel which was created December 2018 and last active June 2019 before you come along and dig it up in Januray 12th.

    And yes. People don't have the tendency to search (not only in the forum but also in social media) and they prefer to create another topic with the same subject (just like you that have joined December 2020 which tells us for sure, you are looking limited forum sections since all your posts are being around the particular subject) adding few more topics to contribute to the reasons the forum is almost a mess. As a result all vital info are getting lost. It doesn't mean they gave up because of the forum though. If they were interested to follow up they would know, simply because they are interested or they have bookmarked the topic etc.

  • Thank you Sascha.

    If it’s spamming, the moderators are more than capable of doing their job.

    I take it the issue does not effect you. If this is the case you can quite easily ignore it - just because it’s not important to you, doesn’t mean it might not be relevant for others.

    Believe me if you were effected by this, given up on it and stopped searching for it, you’d want to know about it.

  • Like I said, I’ve posted it already everywhere I thought relevant and am done.

    If anything I have added vital information to all those posts - if as you agree, people don’t search and could easily miss it, why wouldn’t you do the same if you came across something very important like this?

  • a) you don't know if it is affects me or if I have similar issues on other platforms. Stop assuming.

    b) for sure is important but it was know from the beginning and also mentioned in webshop that is limited by the platforms. This might be because of the reasons already explained or because the devs are stupid and don't know how to work around like their clever collogues from Logitec. or because Microsoft doesn't like fanatec and want to give everything to Logitec. We can only assume. So going to a) We must stop assuming and stay with the info already provided.

    c) as you might have noticed Moderators are not very active and interfere ONLY when something major has happened to the forum.

    d) You skipped Shascha's last line. "Nevermind the possible workarounds Logitech might uses to make the LEDs working."

  • It's more likely that the original post claiming that this was a limitation imposed by Microsoft was simply nonsense. It wasn't an official announcement by Fanatec staff. It was imply someone's opinion presented as fact. It's more likely that Fanatec simply haven't enabled this support in their SDK. Looking at the state of every other bit of software they have released this should be a surprise to nobody.

  • Monik Gadhvana

    if you tried to edit your post and disappeared it is because of a freaking bug that if you try to edit very quick or more than 1 time it gets directed for approval. Which no one know where it goes and from whom to be approved.

    Happened to several users.

    Bummer because it was a nice one and very informative.

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    Will repost shortly. Really frustrating as you always realise you left something out after posting!

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    I just want to clarify - Im not stating my opinion as fact. I’m presenting all the bits of information I’ve seen. One thing is for certain: if Logitech can do it, so can Fanatec.

    This was the exact reply I received from Fanatec when I enquired about Xbox support on 16 Dec 20 (shortly after selling my G923 and buying Fanatec gear);

    “Unfortunately, Microsoft only allows the buttons you can find in their regular controllers to be mapped and used (meaning that it doesn't support the use of thumb encoders, two way switches, or multi position switches).”

    As far as I’m concerned this is tantamount to a Fanatec statement. Others who have enquired have received the same response as it’s all that get mentioned on the subject on various forums. As you can clearly see in that statement - no mention of enabling it in their SDK. If the situation is actually more nuanced, Fanatec should say so - you can only take that statement at face value. 

    Clearly that statement doesn’t tie with what Logitech were able to achieve with G923 on Xbox at the time I received it - I had both GRID and ACC from Sep 20 and playing with the G923 on Xbox rev lights worked on both games, as well as Trueforce, all additional buttons/ dial worked on ACC but none on GRID. Indeed, there is anecdotal evidence (from Aug 20) that Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel encoders were supported well before this, but as I did not own one I couldn’t say for sure and didn’t speculate;

    We all assume there is a Fanatec SDK in existence, but this says otherwise;

    The process used to make the G923 work on Xbox is not “groundbreaking”. Simply, Logitech developed a SDK, which was then used by ACC game devs;

    There is no reason why Fanatec cannot follow suit and develop the needed SDK. If they didn’t know they needed to develop a SDK, that is a different story (really hard to believe this was not known), and I have reached out to them to let them know Logitech have been able to do it.

    If there is some good reasoning why it can’t be achieved (or cannot be achieved in the near future), we’d love to hear it.

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    Marcel Pfister  maybe something that might be of interest. 🤔

  • You've made the mistake of thinking that Maurice is a spokesman for Fanatec. He isn't.

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    Apologies, I wasn’t clear enough - that response was receive by email from Fanatec support (I raised a support query). It was not obtained from this forum (although it has been repeated many times on these boards).

  • last time Im gonna comment on this.

    Please keep in mind that Logitech wheels are far inferior products when it comes to SDK, software and hardware, so it might be easier for Logitech to develop a SDK for consoles in a shorter time.

    But as I wrote before, maybe some workarounds or hax Logitech is using to make the LEDs (which is the smallest aspect anyway) working on console.

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    Not sure why I can’t see the comment here I made yesterday but calling Logitech inferior is quite a bold statement.

    Fanatec has open issues on their premium priced DD wheelbases for more than 1,5 year so calling Logitech and their drivers/firmware/software inferior.... Rather looks like they have capable developers who can get stuff working and get things fixed instead of leaving them open because fixing them requires to much work .

    So maybe I’m understanding you completely wrong over here but if there is one company that delivers inferior firmware it’s Fanatec at this moment and not any other company. The whole firmware / driver software part and testing it before it’s beta released is below average compared to the rest of the market.

  • Logitech G923 is a G25 which got rereleased for the 4th time now. The tech is old, the product itself is inferior, because it can't delivery the FFB Fanatec's products can, it doesn't have the same features and it doesn't receive the support from game developers like the products from Fanatec do.

    "developing" software for this old hardware shouldn't be too hard, that's why it just works.

    DDs on the other hand still are relatively new and it is Fanatec's first DD. This shouldn't sound like an excuse for the existing issues, which are obviously present and should be fixed asap, but if one could compare the firmware, the actual code, of both products my guess is we would see rather quickly which product is the better one.

    do you really think a rebranded G25 from 2007 is the superior product?

  • But that doesn’t make a product inferior, they can sell a product for years without big updates and it’s still one of the best wheelbases you can buy when you are on a tight budget. Not sure what’s inferior about that... rather a pretty good job since most of those wheelbases are still functioning just fine and are good enough for a lot of people who don’t race on a regular base or just don’t have the budget to get Fanatec stuff.

    Besides that, you are comparing a product that costs roughly a third of what a CSL wheelbase + wheel and pedals from Fanatec would cost.

    So I’m not sure if you where trying to be funny but calling Logitech inferior while Fanatec isn’t able to solve the issues with their premium products (some of them are open for more than 1.5 year), people are afraid of updating their wheelbase because it’s always a guess how it will end, including incorrect firmware with the new firmware update manager etcetera etcetera.

    If you want to see a manufacturer who isn’t able to solve its own issues and has more than enough open issues you are just a few clicks away and you won’t have to change to url to ;)

  • I have no experience of Logitech products. Do their products function as advertised? Do they have features which it is advised not to use because they cause issues that they are unable to fix? Do they introduce new problems every time they release updated software while still failing to fix the long standing acknowledged issues? Do they have a functioning website? Do they have decent support that can respond to a message without waiting a week?

  • So, to answer some of that...

    I owned a g25 for about 10 years, then 'upgraded' to a g29.

    Didnt really notice any issues with the G25.

    The G29 - The brake pedal is terrible. They tried to put some resistance in the end of the pedal and made it... bad. I never could use the full throw of the brake pedal due to that inconsistency.

    The drivers - OMG! The drivers were SHOCKINGLY bad. There were 2 different 'drivers' - the Logitec profiler and the G-hub. And depending on the game, you'd have to use a different driver. Or go without force feeback. Or not able to use the clutch. Or both. I think i tried 6 different versions of the profiler, and 3 of the g-hub before i gave up. In iRacing, I could either have the clutch, or decent force feedback.

    The Wheel also never centred properly on PC - going down the straights i had to use 1 deg of steering lock. It was perfectly fine on the PS4 though.

    Also the red rotating button thing - that worked intermittently. From brand new. Sometimes i used to push it in slightly when rotating, but i was never sure if that helped.

    Ive contacted Logitech support in the past, and it took 3/4 days to respond? i dont remember exactly, it was back pre covid - a good few years ago.

    Upgrading to a fanatec was the best thing ive done for my (sim) racing in a long time. Ive had my setup since early dec and its night and day over logitech. I cant comment on how the Logitech is on an xbox, ive always been pc/ps3/4

  • The answer to your questions would be yes, no, no, yes and yes. Cop Meade to the price you pay for a Logitech G29 it’s Logitech that does an outstanding job when you compare them to Fanatec.

    @darren comparing hardware hardware software isn’t realistic, a G29 cost roughly a third of the cheapest CSL combo. I have a G25 in the storage that is around 8 years old, bought second hand and it still functions without any issues. Sure it’s no match against a DD2 but people who expect it to should get some morning urine to a doctor ;)

    We can all make fun of Logitech and Thrustmaster but both of those entry level manufacturers in sim racing perform way better when it comes to drivers and firmware than Fanatec.

  • I wasnt comparing Logitech and Fanatec. I was just giving my experience with Logitech, and how much the upgrade was worth it - for me. Just getting away from the drivers and that brake pedal justified the cost for me

  • I was an owner of the G25 for 10 years. Now you add prices and the manufacturer and overall services to this. I was just comparing the products themselves.

    The CSL Elite costs more, and it should as this is the better product. The "new" G923 costs 329€ here in germany, 30 bucks more than a new G25 from 15 years ago, that's a rip off imo. I tested the G29, no improvement in the FFB compared to my old G25, just a PS4/XBOX One license, same with the G923 now.

    As they didn't change any internals and added "true force" (absolutely misleading marketing bs IMO) I bet the FFB will be the same yet again, the G923 is another G29/G27/G25 for roughly the same launch price, yet again.

    I get it, not everyone is happy with the software, especially firmware, development of Fanatec and I respect that. But my personal experience with Fanatec has always been positive, I owned the CSL Elite, the CSW and now a DD1 (and yes I know about the jolts issue obviously, but it doesn't affect me as Im using a DDU and I don't use the motor data or ITM features).

    I honestly feel like, those people, who aren't happy with Fanatec atm try to mute those with good experience to make sure only the negative feedback is shown.

    How do you say? Your mileage may vary?

    Im out of this discussion now, Im not talking against a wall :)

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    By comparing prices only....

    A thrustmaster T300RS on amazon is between 425 and 583 USD + shipping while a TSXW Racer sperco P310 is $781.97 + shipping (in Wallmart $699.99)

    A logitec G923 in their website is $399.99

    While right now in Fanatec's US webshop I see available a CSL Elite BMW GT2 Bundle for PlayStation at $699.95 + shipping.

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