Rally wheel benefits over Formula V2?

Hi all,

I currently have a DD1 and a Formula V2 primarily playing ACC and RF2. I have started having a blast at Dirt Rally but am aware that as a fantastic as this wheel is it's not what Rally drivers use.

I just wondered if anyone could give an insight into how much of a difference the experience would be were I to purchase a rally wheel for the DD1?

I know there's going to be a definite improvement but didn't know if I am seriously hindered by using the Formula wheel or whether it's more about authenticity and some marginal gains from a round wheel?



  • Sorry, just found this which answers the question. FYI in case anyone else wonders.


  • I wouldn’t say seriously hindered, but for me having a round wheel, when playing certain games with certain cars(as in, cars that have round wheels), the ability to place your hands anywhere and having the ability to let the wheel free spin/slide through your hands was most definitely worth a second wheel purchase. Some older cars that I know of if you get into those in some games have lots of rotation compared to say an F1 car. Multiple rotations with an F1 wheel isn’t impossible.....but sure isn’t any fun. I play F1, GTSport, Dirt Rally 2.0, AC, PC2 so having a second wheel that was round was almost imperative for me.

  • Cheers for the insight Joshua.

    I definitely want one, the cost is the deciding factor currently but the more I have a go on Rally the more compelling the case becomes! :)

  • The WRC wheel is wonderful in my opinion, and the price won’t break the bank comparatively. There’s enough buttons to do what’s needed most of the time, even in most games. I will say that I do only have the CSL Elite PS4 wheelbase, so mine does not pump out The torque like your wheel base. I also do not think you can put the DD1 at full torque with the WRC we’ll even if you were to put the metal quick release on it, so that could be looked at as a downside for you.

  • Thanks mate, running it in low torque mode is an option and sounds like you've had a good experience with it.

  • I run the Clubsport Universal Hub w/ the R330 rim for rally, which is most of my sim racing. I go to a Formula v2 when I go over to ACC or certain cars in P CARS 2.

    Having a round wheel in rally is much more beneficial. Like drifting, there are times that you will want to 'release' the wheel to have it spin back towards center. Having a round wheel allows much better control of these actions of course. This also allows easy use of one hand to accomplish this, as there are times where your free hand will be utilizing the hand brake, or the shifter if you are using a lever-sequential shifter.

    The larger wheel diameter as well requires less force to turn, which allows a better feel of the nuances in grip level, especially on gravel. Most modern rally cars run a wheel of 310-330mm diameter. Older cars sometimes ran up to 340-350mm.

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