CSW v2.5 Power Problem


I sent an email to Fanatec yesterday and still response, was curious if anyone here can help me or get me in contact faster. I just got my new CSW V2.5 on Monday. I put only 3 races on it and I was in the middle of a practice and the base shut off and it won’t turn back on. It’s been less than a week of owning it. I tried unplugging everything and reconnecting and nothing. It will not turn back on. Tried with universal hub on and off. I had no overheating issues. Just shut off and I cannot get it back on. Tried troubleshooting as well by holding start button and nothing. I tried different outlets. Blue light is ON on the power pack so I am curious if it is internal or something. Should I file for a replacement? If anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated.


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