Blue screen


i just got the V3 pedals and keep getting blue screens randomly. I have the newest drivers and fanlabs. Can anyone help me out?


  • Try to update this Intel driver, seems that the version you have has a problem with your Windows version.

  • If I plugged in my wheel first and then installed the drivers could that have caused it too? Like the pedals installed drivers themselves before I installed the Fanatec ones

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    Did you have any windows update recently?

    Got the below from my IT department at work. Not sure if it causes your issues though.

    Good day,

    There is a barrage of Questions for symptoms of BSOD (the "Blue Screen Of Death" well known to Windows Users) in Win10 these days.

    The symptoms with Error Description "APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32kfull.sys" are triggered under circumstances mainly from direct printing attempts or launching Apps that are handling printing tasks and queues at the background. 

    Responsible are the Security Patches: 

    KB5000802 for Win10, ver. 2004/20H2 (most updated workstations)

    KB5000808 for Win10, ver. 1909/1903 (previously recent update stage)

    KB5000803 for Win. Servers

    being circulated as part of Micro$oft Updates since 09/03/2021.

    Till to be fixed by M$ and re-circulated corrected, if the below happens recently to you system, the only workaround is the said KBXXX patch to be selectively uninstalled. 

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