Trying not to be angry... Couldn't unscrew the nut screw

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Yes I'm trying my best not to be angry. Basically what I'm trying to do is unscrew the nut bit from the brake pedal. And it's been a few hours - no hope so far.

The funny thing is, it wasn't an issue on other clutch/throttle pedals. But brake pedal, for some reason, hates me.

I've used 10mm wrench. Slightly damaged the nut screw. So I've used the other one - nut driver, and it's not letting me unscrew it. And yes, I did use the alley on the front of the plate while using wrench/nut driver on the back.

What I'm trying to do is remove the metallic plate for the brake pedal and replace it with the D-shaped plate.

I just wish this was an option - to use metallic or D-shaped plates. That would have saved so much time. Again, I'm not trying to be angry, please help me.

I wouldn't want to send my pedal to Fanatec as I'd have to pay all of the delivery and all that. Would rather if you guys can help me out instead. I have attached all the pictures you need to see.

And yeah, it's slightly damaged after trying so much. This sucks. Tried everything I could.


  • Think the only option is extractor tools. I've got spares for the screws and everything, would extracter tools be okay?

    And sorry for my rant by the way.

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    You've made a right mess of that.

    Easiest way to get that out is to cut a slot in the back of the bolt with a dremel wheel or hacksaw. Then use a flat head screwdriver to hold the bolt and use vice grips to undo the rounded nut.

    But since you were unable to remove this with a hex key and nut driver you might want to delegate the task to someone else. :-)

  • Hey I don't know if you've done all this yet but I had a stripped hex screw once and a trick I picked up from somewhere was to jam the right hex in there with a thin rubber band in between the slot of the stripped screw and the hex key itself to help generate grip in the stripped out head. Might be worth a shot?

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