CSL Elite F1 + V3 Clubsport Pedals Problem Compatibility PS5

Hey guys,

I have purchased a CSL Elite F1 Set and the V3 Clubsport Pedals a couple of days ago and I am having big difficulties with them. I have installed the newest updates with the newest driver, and calibrated the steering wheel + pedals. I did all possible tests in the driver menu and they were successful. unfortunately it doesn't work at all. the only thing that works are the buttons on the steering wheel. When I want to play ACC the rotation of the steering wheel is not getting recognized. In addition the Pedals don't work at all.

I double-checked all the cables I have, used another RJ12 cable for the pedals but the result is the same. it does not work.

It is absolutely the same situation this guy has experienced:


How can I reset the software from the wheel base + pedals to default?

Does anybody have a different idea for the solution of this problem?

Thanks in Advance.

Best regards,



  • Hi Mike

    Not sure if this will be helpful but I had a similar issue when setting up the CSL Elite F1 bundle with PS4. The bundle's pedals and load cell brake wasn't registering in F12020 or GT Sport on PS4. I ended up restarting the laptop, re-installing the drivers again step by step to the wheel base, and then reconnecting to the PS4 and it worked. A month later, when I got the PS5 I simply plugged in in and all games worked (f1 2020, Dirt 2.0, and GT Sport) without any issues.

    I think your issue may be that the driver was not properly installed on the wheel base. Try installing it again, go through the steps one by one, and make sure you re-start the laptop as well before you try to update the driver.

    I not sure if this will help but I wanted to mention this as I had a similar problem before

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