Clubsport V3 “Flex” when pressing pedals

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Hey All,

My Clubsport V3 pedals arrived today and I fitted them to a Gameracer seat base plate at a circa 45 degree angle (see below pic). Everything is set up and works perfectly, but I noticed that when fitted this way the pedals “flex” when used (esp when pressing the brake). I wondered whether this was ok to continue or whether Fanatec recommends against using the pedals this way for long-term durability? I couldn’t see anything in the manual about this topic.

Thanks in advance!


  • I wouldn't say it was the peddles flexing probably the rigs baseplate flexing looking at that picture

    I've got v3's and no flex whatsoever

  • Thank you for your reply Ian. It was hard to tell where the flex was coming from but looks like it’s from the base plate like you suggest

  • Might be an idea to upgrade to 80/20 or 80/40 rigs like; Simlab, SimxPro, Motedis, etc etc etc. I once had a Omega Supreme Pro. While it's great for Logitech and Thrustmaster.. It would flex a lot with Fanatec or higher. So I upgraded to Simlab and never looked back. Aluminium extrusionbars are just that good.

  • My first rig was looking exactly the same but slightly lesser slope. Even with G920 the rig was flexing as hell. I used to put wooden boxes underneath it. As i was planning to buy a sturdy rig anyway i did not bother. If a better rig is not possible for you the best solution is to weld metal legs at the end of the pedal board as well.

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