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I have migrated assetto corsa competizione to a new PC and I realise that there is no pedal vibration feedback (clubsport v3). I did set the user preference (Podium F1/ps4 BLI/ BRK LVL) to 95/90/70/50 but no effect.

When I migrated I upgraded the base to v381 without any problem.

I am connected directly to a USB3 on the PC. Previously on the PS4 I had the club sport V3 connected to the Base(Podium F1/ps4) directly and I had no problem with break vibration BLI.

On PC is it necessary to install Fanalab to have the vibrations recognized? Or is there a parameter to activate in-game to recognize the vibrations?

With a direct connection to the PC there are two controllers recognized by Win10. Maybe a special setting is needed in the system controllers ?



  • I am new to fanatec franchise as well. As people do not respond much here, I wanted to chime in until some experienced member responds.

    Not many game accessories work well with usb 3.0. Try 2.0 port. If you do not have one onboard check your BIOS. Some mainboards allow you to choose which mode you want the USB ports to work in. You can convert a few into 2.0.

    I connect CSP V3 to CSW 2.5 and use Fanalab to edit all settings. So i am not aware if you can set all details through driver properties. But for pedal vibrations there are a few things you need to know.

    Most sims do not send pedal FFB, motion FFB, Gyro FFB etc. and ACC is not an exception. Gaming hardware usually produce these effects by reading the telemetry data. First you have to activate ACC to share telemetry data. Then you need to activate hardware to produce vibrations from that data.

    With Fanalab this is rather easy and you do not need to bother with anything. Though BRK and BLI is not enough to produce vibrations. In the second tab of Fanalab, additional vibrations can be activated ie, wheel vibrations, brake vibrations, throttle vibration. You can fine tune when, how and how much details in the second tab.

    The BLI will become usable after this. If you want the break pedal to warn you when you reach a certain level of pressure with vibrations. Default is off. 99 does not mean powerful vibration but it starts to vibrate when your brake pressure reach 99%. etc.

    BRK Level is not related to vibrations but adjust how fast the Breaks reach to maximum pressure level. Better keep it at around 50.

    I do not know if additional functions can be activated without fanalab. As far as, I remember you can not. Console specific wheelbases may have this in their bootloader for console to read. I assume the PC WB's does not have one and if you are trying to hook your console specific WB (especially PS) to your PC, PC will not be ablee to make full use. Steering wheels for Xbox have dual mode PC/Xbox and even they have some hiccups with PC time to time.


    1- Use USB 2.0

    2- Use Fanalab

  • Hi Taylan,

    Thanks for your answer, I didn't think to check with USB2, and I confirm that my ClubsportV3 connection is currently on a USB3.I will check this solution as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your clarification and your feedback.

  • The Brk Lvl vibration only available when the pedals are connected via RJ12 to the Base and not via USB to PC.

    Vibration work perfectly with Fanalab on USB

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