McLaren GT3 V2 + CSW 2.5 Loses the FFB and restarts

I have a base CSW 2.5 plus a McLaren GT3 V2, brand new. The first week they worked without problems. But this week I suddenly lose all of the FFB, and the wheel restarts.

I do not understand why it happens, if I put the CSL Elite wheel I have no problem, everything works fine.

It happens to me at random but almost always when starting a race already in the first lap it happens, and then almost all the laps in the same curves. Always in curves to the right, until now it has never passed me turning to the left.

I also tried the McLaren GT3 with the CSL Elite base and it did not give me the problem... maybe I should try it for a longer time because I did not spend much time with them.

Needless to say, I have everything updated, I also tried older drivers (almost all) and the problem persists.

Here in the video you can clearly see how the power runs out and the OLED screen restarts.{


  • hi, I have already contacted fanatec support and I have to send the whole setup to the service, but I think it is the fault of the plastic QR, I'm going to buy a metal QR and check if it will work properly

  • Hi Paul... I'm still waiting for Fanatec's response. I just hope they offer me some solution where I don't have to send everything because I live in South America.

    I hope they solve the problem for you and please keep us informed of how you are doing with the matter and if it is a problem with the plastic QR,

  • I had the same problem yesterday, it's only just started I've had the wheel for about 2 months, using it with a version 2 wheelbase.

  • Hi everyone,

    i had the same problem yesterday. I’m playing on ps4 and with the CSL elite base. There are some cracks or snaps when I’m turning whether on the left or the right. Maybe it is the plastic QR. Please keep us informed. :)

  • Ciao a tutti a me capita con un csw 2.5 e volante formula v2 si resetta e addirittura è come se premessi tutti i tasti del volante..e ho un QR in metallo

  • English?

  • Check for a broken pin in the steering wheel side.

  • Sisi found 2 pins that come off fanatec sells the 12-wire cable and 13-pin plug to be replaced on the formula v2 steering wheel?

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    This is the steering wheel pin with 2 raised pins I hope this is the problem of the steering wheel turning off while I was playing now with these 2 broken pins I do not recognize the steering wheel and the logo writing remains on the oled display of the steering wheel help?

  • This is the steering wheel pin with 2 raised pins I hope this is the problem of the steering wheel turning off while I was playing now with these 2 broken pins I do not recognize the steering wheel and the logo writing remains on the oled display of the steering wheel help?

  • It is best to contact Fanatec support.

  • I returned my McLaren v2 wheel for what I think is a similar issue (CSL Elite v1.1 with McLaren GT3 v2 frequently switches to XBox mode — Fanatec Forum), only with my CSL Elite V1.1. I brought up the QR as well, and tech said that wouldn't help. I'm not convinced and I'm still waiting for my refund after several weeks since it was returned.

    Good Luck everyone! You're going to need it.

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    Over here with the same problem. I lose the FFB for a few seconds and the screen locks, I have to remove and replace the wheel to get it working again. But I found a solution.

    Fanatec wants me to send you the steering wheel for repair.

    The problem is that it is very expensive to send the wheel, it would even be cheaper to buy another or buy the metallic CSW QR. I live in South America and Fanatec says that outside the USA they do not ship and do not take care of them.

    But I found a solution to test if the plastic QR is indeed the problem. I leave this to the responsibility of each one, although it should not affect the guarantee because only the plastic QR is touched and nothing on the steering wheel... it is as if Fanatec told you that you lose the guarantee for installing the metallic QR that they sold to you.

    Well, the plastic QR has its limits to one side and the other. Without that limit, we have the freedom to tighten the QR, which is basically a screw. You have to remove the plastic QR, the same as we would do to change to the metal QR. And if you turn the piece, you can see that under the piece that tightens there is another plastic piece that works as a stop... it has 3 small screws. By inserting a screwdriver through the QR holes, they can be carefully removed without damaging them.

    After removing them comes the most delicate part, the plastic piece must be removed carefully not to scratch it, it is not difficult... patience. I did not damage anything and I can reassemble everything without a trace.

    Once the piece is removed, we can remove the mobile part to remove the stop and it is not disturbing and ringing. Then we put the moving part back on and we install the QR back on the wheel.... we finally mount it on the base and now we press hard, very hard. You will notice that the wheel has less lateral play and feels firm.

    After two days of intense use it has not given me any problems... and this happened to me all the time. So the problem apparently is the plastic QR and it would probably be fixed with the metal QR. But I will continue to use it every day as much as I can.

    If you live near Fanatec, within its range of shipments... send it to guarantee. But if you have the same problem as me and want to make sure that improving the QR solves the problem... because come on, the metallic QR is an extra $ 100... nothing cheap, better make sure before. And if the arrangement works for you, you can use it that way and save the money on the metal QR (which is what I'm thinking of doing).

    In the same way I think that Fanatec should give us the metallic QR for free... it seems a scam that they sell you a product that forces you to buy another.

  • you are right what you are writing, many people using mclaren v2 steering wheels with plastic QR have similar problems, probably fanatec knows what the problem is but will not say it, and metal QR should be given for free or with 50% off,

  • Yes Paul, Fanatec is playing with us. I just hope they don't read about the solution above because maybe they will adopt it. And it is not the idea, the idea is that they deliver quality products to us. I decided to pay a little more for Fanatec looking for quality... and I did not find anything close to quality, quite the opposite. The Fanatec McLaren wheel not only brings a useless plastic QR but it creaks like a cot... it seems that it is going to disassemble at any moment. I don't understand why youtubers and streamers recommend it so much... I would tell everyone to stay away from Fanatec's McLaren GT3.

    *** I forgot to mention something important... inside the plastic QR there is a steel ball. When removing the moving part be careful that it will fall. Then put it in the same position for the tests. ***

  • YouTube testers have a new steering wheel and problems appear only around 3 weeks, and some have a metal QR

    Fanatec's McLaren GT3 v2 is ok and I give a big difference in handling, but the plastic QR and one ball are not able to maintain such strength and I do not know why other steering wheels have a screw and this one has such a mounting.

    on monday I send the steering wheel to fanatec service and see what happens

  • Could you please share the youtube videos? especially those with the metal QR.

    And please keep us informed of the progress with Fanatec, if they are going to repair it and what type of repair it will be, or if they change it for a new one or if they end up selling you the metal QR.

  • when the steering wheel comes back to me, I will write whether it has been repaired or replaced, I know that someone on this forum had a similar problem and bought a metal QR and it's ok

  • I finally got a refund for my McLaren v2. I was convinced it was the QR as well, and even offered a solution to the Fanatec folks of sending me a metal QR at cost instead of taking back a second wheel (they did send a replacement which I had to return as well). They insisted that the metal QR would not fix the issue. It's a bit of a bummer because I really liked the wheel.

    I have noticed that almost all reputable youtubers were given the metal QRs to test with. I assume most of these are supplied by Fanatec by default.

  • Hi guys. I had the same issue and returned the wheel twice now (waIITNG FOR REFUND) - i bought a Formula V2 BUT same issue. I did some reading and made a change to my DRI setting changing it from OFF to -5. Now my issue has gone away. Try that if you have CSW 2.5 and I will be intersted to know if it works

  • Same issue here I think, on CSL base

    Fanatec told me to tighten QR screws (plastic), which helped for a hour or so, but then wheel wasn't even detected at power on

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