WRC wheel loose on wheelbase

Hello - i purchased a WRC wheel for my CSL elite wheelbase. The wheel moves from side to side on the wheelbase shaft while driving and this also makes clunking noises in use. The Quick release is tightened as per the instructions. I have hand-tightened the allen bolts which fix the Quick release to the back of the wheel (which were a bit loose when i received it) which helped a bit, but i dont want to tighten them anymore for fear of damaging the wheel. The movement is hardly visible to the eye, but very noticeable when driving and also the clunking noises are very off putting. My previous wheel (the CSL elite F1 wheel came with the bundle) was totally solid on the wheelbase and made no noise. Is this a defective unit or is this how these wheels are supposed to perform? I have sent a support query with vids to Fanatec but maybe i will get a quicker response here? Anyone else have this issue and found any solutions? Cheers. C


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