CSW V2.5 - Center Stiction/Chunking

Hello all, new Fanatec owner here! Love this gear so far! So; I play American Truck Simulator and iRacing quite a bit. In both sims, the wheelbase will begin to give some weird 'stiction or chunking' near the center +/- 3 degrees of rotation after about 20 minutes of runtime. This makes minute steering adjustments close to the center of rotation difficult.

I feel the fan outlet, and no real heat up going on. If I turn the wheelbase/motor off then immediately back on again, the stiction/chunking goes away and will not return for about another 20 minutes.

My drivers (CSW v2.5, Pedals V3 Inverted) are fully up to date and calibrations seem to be complete.

Does anyone know why this is happening and/or possibly know a fix?


  • I have the exact same issue with my brand new CSW V2.5. All drivers are fully up to date as well.

  • I submitted a support ticket about this issue, as it seems no one from Fanatec replies to posts on this forum..

  • I too submitted a support ticket. Fanatec emailed me the latest drivers to install ( the same ones I already had). Didn't help. Now they want me to ship it back to them to repair or replace. Hate to be down for 2+ weeks.

  • I have had the exact same experience. I received the Shipping Label Today for the RMA. I really do not want to be without my wheelbase for 2+ weeks either! 🤔

  • I got the same issue. Anybody figure it out? Gets so bad I actually have to jerk it to get it unstuck

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