[Question] Quick release

Hi everyone, I'm looking to a upgrade to a DD1 at some point this year, but I've been hearing increased talk about the new QR, I know there isn't a lot of information out there, but in the advent of a new quick release, would I need to replace the shaft in the DD wheel?

Would there come a point where the current DD wheels just come with the new system, if so would that make my rims (P1 and formula V2) obsolete, or at least force me to replace the QR on them?

Thanks in advance.


  • Not known now, what Fanatec will do.

    With the introduction of the Podium BWM GT3 wheel they will maybe have 2 versions one with the current QR and one with the new QR2. But even that is not sure what they are going to do.

    The BMW GT3 wheel was said to be released some where Q2 of this year, so they still have about 2 months. So hopefully they make that and we have more information at that time. Also on the upgrade options for existing DD users and maybe also new users and new Sets of Bundles and of course pricing.

    For know we just have to wait, the rest is just speculating in what Fanatec could do.

  • I would be interested if there will be some adapter for older style wheels/qr's. Ppl have so much earlier add on stuff, thtat it would be quite inpractical to make all of that useless.

  • What I've taken from this, is that holding fire would be the wisest choice, to be honest when I pull the trigger I'd ideally like to buy the PS4 DD, but the current bundle comes with a formula wheel, which I already own, I was hopping fanatec added a GT7 bundle with a round wheel.

    Thank you for all your help

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