Shipping Nightmare

Hi all. I am new to the Fanatec world. And I will say the products I have received look great. My issues are with shipping. I am in Ontario Canada, and the only shipping options are USPS to Canada Post. Labels take 4 days to a week to be picked up by USPS. From California to Ontario Canada in 4 or 5 days. Then the wait really begins. The dreaded Black Hole for incoming International Mail. Mississauga Canada Post and or CBSA..

They both point the finger at each other and CBSA does not update anything. Or feel the need to inform anyone of anything..

I have placed 2 orders since early March. The first order, SQ1.5 shifter and the Club Sport pedals V3 with an adapter arrived at 3 different dates. First the shifter, went through Customs in one day, a few days later the adapter, and a couple weeks after that the pedals. Surprise, Customs had them and assessed a 60 CDN tax.

Fast forward to order 2. Placed end of March. Ya,, the joy.. Was excited it should be in my hands pretty quickly considering the first order was not too agonizing.

Fanatec and USPS were pretty good. In Canada by April 5th, accepted by Canada Post and submitted to CBSA the same day. On the 17th I filed a complaint with CBSA. Asking why the need to delay Fanatec products. Ya I have been reading lots.

On the 3rd of May CBSA replied to my complaint, wow, they advertised a 35 day wait time , and I got a reply Things are looking up. In the reply CBSA asked for tracking numbers, so I sent the tracking for my CSL Elite PS4 version and my CS BMW wheel it came bundled with.

Well, shut my mouth, the next day one of them was released from Customs and was in my hands by May 7th. It was the wheel base. Great. Opened the box, looks great. Wheel should be along in a few days.. Lets swap out the old G27 gear and get these things mounted in my rig.... Right,,, wouldn't you..

I will mention I was hounding customer service at Fanatec pretty much weekly and they were understanding. So a couple days ago I hounded them again. Where is my wheel, Please find my wheel. This gear is now mounted in my rig, I want to go racing....

A quick reply from Fanatec. Woo hoo. We have filed a missing report with USPS, they will begin an investigation AND in the mean time we are sending you a replacement wheel.. Ohh no.. Please not another shipping nightmare, they replied we only ship to Canada with USPS. At least they are prepared to send another one out. Lets try this again..

Wow, a shipping label already, maybe a few more weeks and I can finally try this out.... I don't think so..

Let's check Fanatec USA out. Log into my account. No invoice,,, hmmmm. Let's check my products. OK, wow, there's a second BMW wheel. Boy that sure will be nice in a few weeks, real Alcantera replica of a BMW gt wheel.. Now I am excited again... Only a few more weeks and I will be racing.....

Let's click on that description again and dream........... Wait,,, what,,,, SOLD OUT in big bold red letters.. No Longer available.... No pre-orders...... What in the f*%k......

Now what, A shipping label created as if it is available, or they took your money and you have to wait on a back order..... That is no longer available.

I realize Fanatec was not the ones that lost my mail. My apologies for Canada Post and CBSA. As well it appears as though Fanatec is doing the right thing... Or is it just the beginning of another friggen night mare and a big run around from Fanatec.

I just want the gear I spent my hard earned 2,000 or more money on. Is that too much to ask....

My excitement has quickly turned to frustration.. Does Fanatec even care about service after they take your money. Does Fanatec even know what they have in stock, do they even care if they can replace the lost item. Are they prepared to offer a suitable replacement. Is it their turn to screw me around and delay my enjoyment.

They sure do look like a well built product.. Hope I get to use it before warranty expires. Been 2 months already. C'mon Fanatec. Please get on the ball.. We order from you because we want a better product. You like our money.. Time to step up with the service and get rid of the Night Mares... Please.... We just want to go racing....

One disappointed customer that is losing his patience with delays and excuses.. Please do the right thing Fanatec.



  • Hi Ken,

    I'm sorry to hear about you long wait for delivery. It sounds like much of this was out of our control, but please continue to communicate with customer service in regards to your order.

    In regards to warranty concerns I will say this: if certain items in an order have been held up by customs or some other logistical reason that prevents you from making use of the products, then you can be sure that this would be taken into consideration if you needed to make a warranty claim at the end of the warranty period.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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