Help, Broke my PBME DataPort-C

I was connecting my wheel that uses the Podium Button Module Endurance and noticed the DataPort-C connector was bent. The moment I unplugged it to see what was going on, it broke into two!

Is there a way to replace this? Have I just killed my precious PBME?



  • Yes - you killed it. You can get replacement plugs cheaply (Aliexpress) but micro soldering USB plugs is not for the inexperienced - even if you know the pin out for those tiny wires. You could contact Fanatec for repair costs or for a quicker solution just buy a new one.

  • Maybe not, I just opened the PBME and unplugged the dataport-c cable that was broken, now I need to find the replacement cable. I'll keep trying but open to suggestions

  • Easiest way, ask Fanatec Support for replacement cable. Maybe it´s a standard pin out. Only Fanatec knows.

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