Disappointed with V3 Pedals and Brake Performance Kit

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Hello, I just upgraded from G27 pedals to V3 pedals with the Brake Performance kit. Everything is a bit overwhelming now.

I am playing normal stock/streetcars in Assetto Corsa, I am interested in getting better with my muscle memory. I want the pedals to feel as real as they can, like real cars.

Since the stock v3 brake pedal I found it to be too stiff, I followed Grant's instructions from this thread https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/22733/v3-brake-performance-kit-help-needed to create the brake pedal as soft as it can get, so I added them in this order: the small white first, then the 13red, and last the 12red.

But it's horrible, the max I can press is 1-2 cm, it's horrible stiff.

Did I do something wrong, or maybe the wrong order?

I was really hoping for a realistic feel, the experience with the v3 pedals is not great at all, I was really hyped :( I am really thinking to return those pedals and use the old g27 ones.


  • The majority of normal street cars on the road don’t really have stiff brake pedals, relatively speaking, even with them being hydraulic. If that is what you are looking for as well as more travel then I would suggest sticking with the stock PU cushion foam pieces that come with the V3’s, and don’t use the Brake Performance Kit. Then adjust the brake force setting accordingly.

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    I understand, so the stock setup with the stock PU cushion foam has the most realistic feel (for streetcars) and the most travel?

  • Well…..as far as the most realistic feel, I don’t know if you could quote me on that one. I know I’m beating a dead horse but since it’s a “feel” thing, it’s just so subjective, it’s more of an opinion and guidance. But as far as the travel is concerned, I would say the stock PU cushion pieces give the most travel. I think I may have a “rod” of PU Rubber that I got a little while ago that might be able to help you a little, I will look for it and see if I can find it. I can’t remember what the rating on it was but I’m pretty sure it was softer than the Performance Kit but stiffer than the stock PU Foam. If I can find it, we can get in touch through email and I will mail it to you.

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    I’ve never heard anyone say that the stock V3 pedals were too stiff before, in fact it’s quite the opposite hence why there a performance kit available. Imo with the preload adjusted all the way in and the standard PU foam they feel a lot softer than any road car I’ve ever driven. Maybe stop skipping leg day at the gym XD

  • Coming from the g27 pedals, those seem kinda hardcore... no more skipping gym xD

    Still, the brakes don't feel realistic to real-life streetcars.

    Thank you so much for your help. I will try to get used to the stock pedals at first and see how that works out.

  • Most definitely, if you have interest in that PU Rod I have in the future just let me know. I think you can get my email from this forum. If not let me know and I’ll post it or whatever I’m allowed to do. And when I said I would send it to you, I did mean FREE. Couldn’t be more than a few bucks.

  • V3s are meant to feel like a high performance race car's brakes, with little slack, almost immediate engagement, and a strong resistance. Most normal cars I've driven have that weak, mushy area in the first 1/4th of the pedal and are designed for 50-70 pounds (25-30Kg) from your leg. You could try to replicate the pre-travel, use the weakest inserts, and set the loadcell for ~30-35Kg, but you won't be able to get the full pedal distance that a normal car has from racing products. They just aren't designed to act like a normal street car's brakes.

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